Cosplay Breastplate to Keep the Nip Slip Under Wraps.

Update: Tumblr User Technoranma or as her cosplay alias Quantum Destiny shared her tutorial for creating a larger than life cosplay chest. While I love the simple and easy tutorial by Twitter user Namechiru, Technoranma’s tutorial is much more realistic. Her techniques on how she texturizes and air brushes the chest piece to match her skin tone is genius and something I wondered about, not everyone can find fabric that matches their skin tone.
You can check out her amazing Tutorial Here. Cosplay Chest Plate Tutorial

If one of your biggest fears with the ahem “sexier” cosplay outfits is a nip slip or the fact that many leading ladies have very generous cleavage and little to no clothing, here is an awesome product for you.

Twitter user Namechiru created this interesting cosplay accessory.

Source: atelierspana

These fake tatas actually make sense to me for cosplay purposes.
Instead of freezing and worrying about flashing some people 😀
Your tatas are safely tucked away and warm.
Which in my mind gives you more freedom for your more sexier cosplays.

Like for example using this clever design for the ever so popular Kill La Kill cosplay

Source: atelierspana

These wonders are made of cloth. The straps loop behind the neck and back.
I believe it is like a high neck sports bra. Namechiru estimates that the cup size is between an E or G.
That is some cleavage!

It seems she made only a limited number of these, but here is her D.I.Y. on how make these buxom wonders 😀  —> Let’s Make Boobs

News Source: Rocket News By:  Casey Baseel


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