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Well Done Deadpool, Well Done: Offical Suit Reveal

Again, I am a couple days late, but oh well.  I am still excited for this tweeted shot of Deadpool’s official suit. Love the play on the spiderman quote btw and the Burt Reynolds pose, genius! Hopeful and Excited for this anti-superhero movie, hoping for an R Rating for this one :3

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.49.36 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.56.24 PM

Also, if you haven’t seen the test footage, check it out. It’s pretty awesome!

Are You Excited or Apprehensive for the Deadpool Movie?


Problem Solving: When a Pattern doesn’t work

Sewing Problems: Patterns 😦
So, the dress pattern I originally bought for the under layer of my Morgana gown is designed for a stiffer fabric and not a knit. I knew that in the beginning but the skirt is so perfect for what I need. Since the top of the of under layer is pretty basic, I decided to look through some Pinterest boards for some printable pdf sewing patterns. Well I came across a ton of free patterns and through a search, I finally found the perfect one.

Zoe At So, Zo What Do You Know created an easy to follow and basic Camisole Pattern, that you can download and use as many times as you would like. I altered the pattern a bit for a lower v neckline. Since I am sewing a knit, I decided to use a loose straight stitch first to make sure the fit was just right, then I sewed over the straight stitch with a narrow zig zag. I will post some pictures later. I am also in a debate, to sew a bra into the top or not. I think I might 😀

So Zo Sewing Cami Pattern
You can find the tank pattern and the instructions here:  —-> Free Downloadable PDF Vest & Cami Pattern

I am most definitely going to be using this pattern for some summer tanks :3

Do you have any free patterns to share, that would make some cosplayer lives a little more easier?


Dark Lord Funk: One Of My Favorite Parodies to Date!

To all the Potterheads out there!
Some Dark Lord Funk
Really, this is just genius.

Check out KFaceTv’s Youtube Channel for some other great videos like:
Talk Nerdy To Me 😀

What are some of your favorite parodies out there?
Don’t be afraid to share in the comments section 😀


The Beauty Benefits of Roses

When it comes to cosplaying, the amount of products you can use on your face to achieve that flawless anime look, can take a pretty good toll on your actual skin.

The hunt to find those great products, to keep that blank canvas of yours clean and healthy is unnerving! I have used so many low to high end products and nothing has worked! So lately, I have been looking for more natural ways to keep my skin feeling clean, clear, and moisturized.

So I went on a Pinterest Hunt for some of the best DIY facial moisturizers and I came across beauty blogger Lisa Pullano and her DIY Day and Night creams. Through those creams, I came to discover and understand the benefits of Rosehip Seed Oil and Evening Primrose oil.

I am in love with these oils and with rose water. I have oily/combo skin, a bit of redness on my nose and cheeks, horrible blackheads and whiteheads (that no amount of facials could help, they only created more) and a bit of acne. So for the last week, I have been taking evening primrose oil capsules once daily and applying the oil to my face twice. Once in the morning and for night-time, I mix Rosehip oil with the Evening Primrose for an extra boost. After a week of using them, my skin is looking amazing! My acne is diminishing, the horrible whiteheads on my cheeks are almost all gone, my blackheads are clearing out and the redness has toned down. I have also noticed a difference in how less oily my skin is and it has also helped the dry patches! I am so amazed and so excited!

If you want to know more about these awesome oils scroll below.

02-rose-hip-oil-plantAll About RoseHip Seed Oil

Rosehip Seed Oil Benefits:
– It is a dry oil, so it sinks into the skin
– This oil is packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids
– Helps Reduce the Appearance of Scars, Burns, and Stretch Marks
– Treats fine lines and wrinkles
– Hydrates Dry Skin
– Evens Skin tone
Some Facts:
– The Rosehip Plant is found in Chile
– Over 70% of Rosehip Seed is Fatty Acid – Which is great for skin!
– Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and linoleic acids about 44.1%
– Linoleic Acids help in dealing with acne and oily Skin
– Check out this blogger’s post on linoleic vs Oleci in essential oils
—> Minimalist Beauty
– When buying Rosehip Seed Oil it is best to find products that state that the seeds have been cold-pressed. By using the cold-pressed method the oil retains a lot more of its healing benefits.

Evening PrimroseAll About Evening Primrose Oil

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits
– Contains Essential Fatty Acids
– Helps with Eczema and other skin-related problems
– Moisturizing
– Boosts blood circulation which is helpful for tired skin and eyes
– Anti-Inflammatory
– Anti-Aging Properties & Boosts Cell production

Some Facts:
– The Evening Primrose Plant is found in Eastern and Central North America
– Was originally used to heal wounds
– Used to help PMS & Headaches
– Has very high levels of the essential fatty acid “gamma-linolenic acid” (GLA), also known as “omega-6
– Contains 15% gamma-linolenic acid
– Contains 70% linolenic acid

All About Rose Water

Rose Water Benefits
– Helps Maintain skin’s pH balance
– Antioxidant Properties & Anti-bacterial
– Helps fight acne, dermatitis, and eczema
– Hydrates, smoothes, and moisturizes
– Calms stressed skin
– Anti-aging
– Helps with Dark Circles & Puffiness

Some Facts
– Pure Rose Water should only have two ingredients: Roses and Water
– You can buy it at grocery stores
– It enhances moods, helps relieve nervous tension and calms the mind
– As a Facial toner
– As a Cleanser
– Used To Set Makeup (I use this on my beauty blender!)
– Add to spray bottle to refresh dry and tired skin
– Face Masks

These products are great for my skin!

Have you tested them out? Did they work for your skin type?


The Wounds of War: Sewing Problems

So I was very excited yesterday!
After having a bit of bad luck, I accidentally cut my lace wrong for Morgana’s Dress and was freaking out because my Joann store at home did not have it anymore! I also discovered that I needed a walking foot for my knit under layer, which my store was also out of stock.

So the reason I am so excited is that thankfully the Joann store by my work had one walking foot left and amazingly had the lace I needed! I new it was too good to be true.

Alas, I get home and start playing around with the my new sewing foot. After I had the stitches to where I wanted them, things went a bit wonky from there. Of course I sewed the top wrong…. I decided to cut a new piece of the knit. . . I also bought new blades for my rotary cutter ( you know where this is going). So for some reason my brain short circuited when I was re-inserting the screw and I did it wrong and got the blade stuck. So I decided to fight with it, all in all I got the blade out but I also received 5 stitches in the top of my hand.

If you hate wounds don’t look! Thankfully, It’s not in a place that will hinder me from working. I got 3 shoots this week 😀


Anyway, I shared this war wound! Does anyone have any good stories from their projects over the years?

Happy Cosplaying and watch those sewing tools!


Ben Nye Luxury Powder: Yay or Nay?

Okay, don’t let the category fool you, this is not a makeup tutorial but more of a post about makeup. So working with some of the most amazing makeup artists here in Philly is awesome! It’s actually really interesting to see just which products each MUA uses day to day. I have noticed that the products range from Chanel to Nyx to MUFE to Maybelline to my favorite Koh Gen Do. Today, it got me thinking of my cosplay stash of makeup at home, and the HG items I still need.

I am always looking for a concealer to give me that flawless anime look. I also have redness on my cheeks, nose and chin, that I am always trying to cover. So since the Kim K craze of Ben Nye’s Banana Powder, I have been giving some thought into trying the Ben Nye Luxury powders.

The Ben Nye Luxury Powder comes in 4 colors:
Buff, Banana, Cameo, and Beige Suede

Since I have yellow undertones, slight bags and redness to hide. I will probably go with the banana powder to help cancel them out. I also want to try the buff, to see if that will work as more of a setting powder.
I will update once I order and test them out 😀

You can order them here —> Camera Ready Cosmetics

Has anyone used the Ben Nye Powders? Do you have any tips or tricks to get them to work really well?


Big Hero 6 Cosplay by: BehindInfinity

When you get it right, you definitely get it right.
The awesome cosplayers at behindinfinity have always done an amazing job at bringing our favorite characters to life (cough Black Butler ) but I must say my number one cosplay is their spot on replication of my favorite, Big Hero 6. Here are some of my favorite shots! They even made a baymax suit. My sister and I were Fangirling when we saw these photos.

To see more of this and their other very awesome cosplays check out their deviant art site —> BehindInifinty   

Happy Cosplaying!