The Wounds of War: Sewing Problems

So I was very excited yesterday!
After having a bit of bad luck, I accidentally cut my lace wrong for Morgana’s Dress and was freaking out because my Joann store at home did not have it anymore! I also discovered that I needed a walking foot for my knit under layer, which my store was also out of stock.

So the reason I am so excited is that thankfully the Joann store by my work had one walking foot left and amazingly had the lace I needed! I new it was too good to be true.

Alas, I get home and start playing around with the my new sewing foot. After I had the stitches to where I wanted them, things went a bit wonky from there. Of course I sewed the top wrong…. I decided to cut a new piece of the knit. . . I also bought new blades for my rotary cutter ( you know where this is going). So for some reason my brain short circuited when I was re-inserting the screw and I did it wrong and got the blade stuck. So I decided to fight with it, all in all I got the blade out but I also received 5 stitches in the top of my hand.

If you hate wounds don’t look! Thankfully, It’s not in a place that will hinder me from working. I got 3 shoots this week 😀


Anyway, I shared this war wound! Does anyone have any good stories from their projects over the years?

Happy Cosplaying and watch those sewing tools!


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