So Many Choices: My Next Cosplay Undertaking

For some reason, I am always thinking ahead, especially when it comes to cosplay. My Morgana Cosplay is far from ready but I am getting an inspiration board together for my next undertaking. Unfortunately, I am in a state of confusion as to what I want to do. I have a couple options:

1. Classic Winnie the Pooh Lolita Outfit (my own design)

2.The Greek Goddess Nyx (my own design)

3. Mina Harker: But I am unsure, which way to go with her:
– Bram Stoker’s Dracula  -League of Extraordinary Gentlemen  or  – Penny Dreadful

4. Ruby/ Red Riding Hood from Once Upon a Time

5.Tomb Raider Underworld: Lara’s Doppelgänger

So many Choices, and I am completely undecided.

Any suggestions?



The Bane of My Existence: Student Loan Debt

Ah university graduation, I couldn’t wait to get out into the real world and be an adult. Now at the ripe old age of 26, I wish I was back in High School . . . and I hated High School, Isn’t that saying something. I don’t regret my education or my job! I love it and I make a decent salary 😀 But I am once again 26, engaged, and still living with my parents.

That whole living with the parents thing . . . not by choice, trust me. My amazing university education is bleeding me dry. I mean, if they gave us a little help, I could have a house, be traveling, and by a new car, but no I am still living with my parents all because of my students loans.

I am in all honesty terrified of moving out and defaulting on my loans, on a house, even paying rent. I mean the whole reason we go to university is to have a better life right? Wrong, when does it get better, oh that’s right I guess 10 years down line after struggling like hell to make ends meat and you are already in your mid-30’s by then, there goes the best years of you life, paying back debt.

Uh, I wish they would make a connection between all those students coming out of university in debt up to their ears and the future of the of the economy. Think about it, many of us who have student debt are still living with their parents because we can’t afford anything else! That isn’t good for the economy, sure we are giving money to the government, but we aren’t buying homes, buying luxury items, or going on vacation, even having kids of our own because we can’t afford it!

Add to the blood spill, one of my loans has an interest rate of 12%. Yeah, 12% and the others range from 5% – 9% . I mean that is BS. How do you expect me to pay a loan off, when 1. it is hard to find a job and 2. You have to pay your dues, I am not going to be making a ton of money coming right out of university.

Anyway, this rant came up because the fiance and I are looking to get a place soon, and once again I am utterly terrified of this. My loans are murderous and I want a life. Budgeting is going to be my life now, Sayonara to my dreams of traveling till I am 40 😦

Do you have a Student debt problem too? How are you dealing with it?
Do you have any tips or Tricks?


My First Ever Cosplay: Lara Croft

Okay, so here are pictures from my first ever cosplay as Lara Croft. I am thinking of maybe bringing Lara Back…. Maybe the The Lara Croft Doppleganger. These photos were taken at Otakon in 2011 & 2012 : Oh and I got to meet H. Naoto that year, I put that photo in! He was so sweet and awesome, and I am in love with his collections still to this day 😀


Bill Nye on Netflix? Hell yeah!


Holy Fudge! Bill Nye is on Netflix, I didn’t believe it at first but then I found the Proof!

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 4.39.52 PM

Well, I know what I am watching tonight while working on my Morgana cosplay 😀

WoooooHooooo!!!! Who else is excited for this!!!!


Books: #Fashion & #Cosplay

So lately, I have been on a book binge, Amazon and B&N are very dangerous to me right now. I think I have 10 Amazon wish lists categorized from cosplay to fashion editorial to sewing to interior design. I love fashion and cosplay books, because they carry a lot of creative inspiration! I will share photos of my small collection soon 😀

Anyway, I recently pre-orderd Cosplay in America Volume 2!! I am so excited for this book 😀 I also just purchased Cosplay – The Beginner’s Masterclass: A Guide To Cosplay Culture & Costume Making: Finding Materials, Planning, Ideas, How To Make Clothing, Props & Enjoy Conventions by: Miyuu Takahara & Kenji Weston
I haven’t had a chance to read it through but it really is an interesting book.  I will be giving a review soon! If you want to check it out before –> Cosplay – The Beginner’s Masterclass

Also, for Christmas, one of my presents was the book Cosplay World, which has a lot of inspiring and creative photographs from around the world. Cosplay World features amazing cosplay photographers and outstanding cosplayers and their creations 😀 I can post a review of Cosplay World as well.
But If you want to check it out —> Cosplay World

Actually, here is a shot of the fashion books and the one cosplay book I got for Christmas 😀


Yes, that is a food styling book (that is a whole different set of skills!)

Do you have any fashion or cosplay book recommendations?

Oh and if you would like to Pre-Order: Cosplay In America Volume 2


Cosplayer Nation: A Documentary

TGIF! I am so happy it is Friday, it was such a weird week, especially here in Philly.
So today I wanted to share an amazing cosplay documentary with you!
Cosplayer Nation is the brainchild of CEO Joshua Adams and President Uke Li.

Check out this awesome 15 min (i love that) sneak peek into the Documentary.

When it comes to this documentary you really should never judge a book by it’s cover.  The interviews, background information and stories within this documentary are both informative and exciting. When people talk or ask me about cosplay, sometimes I don’t know how to explain it in a way people would understand. This documentary gave me insight on how to make other people who are not an anime, manga, or cosplay fan understand that this hobby is a way to express yourself in a different light. That it takes dedication, time, somewhat of a strategy (that seems to go to hell the closer an event gets), problem-solving skills and an ability to think outside the proverbial box.

I cannot wait to see more from Cosplayer Nation and for more people to understand that cosplay is not just a hobby. That it really is a form of expression, a creative process, and above all an art 😀

So please check out the trailer and join the Nation!

Facebook –> Cosplayer Nation
Youtube Channel –> Cosplayer Nation


A/W 2015 Accessory: Brooches :D

While, I am a fashion stylist, sometimes I love things too much, I say to hell with the current trends. But then, when I see some of my favorite things re-emerge with a fresh look on the runways, I get super excited!

So anyway, I really love lady like vintage style and I am so excited that the use of brooches is being seen again 😀 I absolutely love brooches! They are so gorgeous and feminine. I am even more excited because I have a good chunk of my grandmother’s vintage brooch collection!

I am also excited for the re-emergence of the pussy-bow neckline! I have so many Lolita patterns for this!

What are some of  your favorite trends?


Fashion In Japan: An awesome reference for Japanese Fashion Lovers

I wanted to share another on of my all time favorite sites 😀
So if you love Japanese Fashion as much as I do, then you will love this site!
Fashion in Japan is an awesome resource for all your current Japanese trends, and it is updated in real time! You can check out what the hottest trends of the moment are all across Japan.

They have street snapshots, store snapshots, images from Japan’s top fashion spots, trends in colors and prints. It is an amazing resource for fashion minded lovers. The site is easy to navigate and very straightforward.

Here are some photos from Fashion In Japan, revealing some pretty awesome Spring/Summer 2015 trends 😀

I really do love this site! It has great ideas and concepts, also if you are are visiting Tokyo, check out Fashion in Japan’s Tokyo Fashion Tours, they offer Fashion Tours and shopping around Tokyo’s top spots.

You can Follow Fashion in Japan through these media outlets.

Fashion In Japan
Tokyo Fashion Tours