DIY Idea – The Graphic Tank

Update —> DIY Geeky Graphic Tank 

My Goodness, the last two weeks have been crazy busy with so many projects and photo shoots! Any who, to keep my sanity, I decided to look through the internet for a small and fun DIY project for tops. I wear a lot of tanks to work, mainly because I am running around set like a crazy person and it can get really hot under the studio lights and in the building 😦

So as the title said, the DIY I found is how to make your own graphic tanks. To add some fun and creativity to the mix, I decided to create my own graphics, that have both geeky and fashion elements to them. I am just designing a whole bunch and then I will decide on which ones I am going to actually make.

I also own some cute tanks, that I am going to make patterns out of. So my custom shirts can be completely custom 😀

Here are some of the designs I have made so far 😀


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know what you think! I will update when I actually start sewing and making these wonderful tops 😀


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