Books: #Fashion & #Cosplay

So lately, I have been on a book binge, Amazon and B&N are very dangerous to me right now. I think I have 10 Amazon wish lists categorized from cosplay to fashion editorial to sewing to interior design. I love fashion and cosplay books, because they carry a lot of creative inspiration! I will share photos of my small collection soon 😀

Anyway, I recently pre-orderd Cosplay in America Volume 2!! I am so excited for this book 😀 I also just purchased Cosplay – The Beginner’s Masterclass: A Guide To Cosplay Culture & Costume Making: Finding Materials, Planning, Ideas, How To Make Clothing, Props & Enjoy Conventions by: Miyuu Takahara & Kenji Weston
I haven’t had a chance to read it through but it really is an interesting book.  I will be giving a review soon! If you want to check it out before –> Cosplay – The Beginner’s Masterclass

Also, for Christmas, one of my presents was the book Cosplay World, which has a lot of inspiring and creative photographs from around the world. Cosplay World features amazing cosplay photographers and outstanding cosplayers and their creations 😀 I can post a review of Cosplay World as well.
But If you want to check it out —> Cosplay World

Actually, here is a shot of the fashion books and the one cosplay book I got for Christmas 😀


Yes, that is a food styling book (that is a whole different set of skills!)

Do you have any fashion or cosplay book recommendations?

Oh and if you would like to Pre-Order: Cosplay In America Volume 2


One thought on “Books: #Fashion & #Cosplay

  1. Hello there,

    I represent the authors of Cosplay – The Beginner’s Masterclass, and want to thank you for purchasing the book and pledging to review it.

    It’s heartening that members of the cosplaying community are already looking at the text, which was published with a view to drawing a veil over the many not-so-polished guides presently on the market. We very much hope that you enjoy the text.

    Thank you!


    G. Shure


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