The Bane of My Existence: Student Loan Debt

Ah university graduation, I couldn’t wait to get out into the real world and be an adult. Now at the ripe old age of 26, I wish I was back in High School . . . and I hated High School, Isn’t that saying something. I don’t regret my education or my job! I love it and I make a decent salary 😀 But I am once again 26, engaged, and still living with my parents.

That whole living with the parents thing . . . not by choice, trust me. My amazing university education is bleeding me dry. I mean, if they gave us a little help, I could have a house, be traveling, and by a new car, but no I am still living with my parents all because of my students loans.

I am in all honesty terrified of moving out and defaulting on my loans, on a house, even paying rent. I mean the whole reason we go to university is to have a better life right? Wrong, when does it get better, oh that’s right I guess 10 years down line after struggling like hell to make ends meat and you are already in your mid-30’s by then, there goes the best years of you life, paying back debt.

Uh, I wish they would make a connection between all those students coming out of university in debt up to their ears and the future of the of the economy. Think about it, many of us who have student debt are still living with their parents because we can’t afford anything else! That isn’t good for the economy, sure we are giving money to the government, but we aren’t buying homes, buying luxury items, or going on vacation, even having kids of our own because we can’t afford it!

Add to the blood spill, one of my loans has an interest rate of 12%. Yeah, 12% and the others range from 5% – 9% . I mean that is BS. How do you expect me to pay a loan off, when 1. it is hard to find a job and 2. You have to pay your dues, I am not going to be making a ton of money coming right out of university.

Anyway, this rant came up because the fiance and I are looking to get a place soon, and once again I am utterly terrified of this. My loans are murderous and I want a life. Budgeting is going to be my life now, Sayonara to my dreams of traveling till I am 40 😦

Do you have a Student debt problem too? How are you dealing with it?
Do you have any tips or Tricks?



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