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My Favorite Beauty Splurge: Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil

As everyone who cosplays knows, to get that flawless anime look, is not only a process to put on but also a pain to get off. Because of this,  I am always searching for a great makeup remover.
I was always very hesitant when it came to cleansing oils. I always had this mindset of I already have oily skin, why would I put more oil on my skin?  Won’t it break me out?  So I avoided cleansing oils like the plague. But then my MUA and models started talking about how amazing cleansing oils are and I read a ton of blog posts about how beneficial double cleansing really is.  So I took the plunge and checked blogs and reviews for the best Cleansing Oil I could find. I discovered Shu Uemura and I didn’t want to take the plunge just yet, so I found small sample sizes on eBay ( I double checked the seller and all to make sure it wasn’t a fake) and fell in love with these oils!

The trial size lasted a good month, with everyday use. You really need only a tiny bit for your whole face 😀 My mother got me the Shu Uemura Ultime8 Sublime beauty cleansing oil for christmas and I absolutely love it! The 150 ml bottle lasted me just about 6 months with daily use. I will admit the cost is a bit steep at $42 a bottle, but it lasts long and works wonderfully.

Since it is summer, which means a much more shiny complexion for me, I decided  to purchase the Shu Uemura Anti/oxi skin refining cleansing oil instead of the Ultime8. I tested out the Anti/Oxi and my skin looked and felt wonderful!

These cleansing oils really remove even the most stubborn of waterproof eyeliner and mascara. While leaving my skin soft and supple. It has also lessened my break outs and my Dermatologist gave me compliments on how amazing my skin looked 😀

I was also excited because they include a handy “how to use” handout which is also located on their site on how to effectively use the cleansing oils:

Shu Uemura
Shu Uemura

This is my  favorite beauty splurge and it’s worth the money!
To check out the entire Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil line —> Shu Uemura 

What is your favorite Beauty Splurge?


Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.

Her Universe Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Congratulations to Her Universe for an Amazing 5 years and for an innovative and emerging Fashion Brand 😀

TWG - The Wookiee Gunner

Her Universe kicked off when I was starting my summer courses in graduate school for library science. It was also the summer of the 19th FIFA World Cup, so I have to admit that my mind was more into the games than in a newly launched fashion line for fangirls. Though I supported the online shop and its efforts to cater to a variety of fangirls over its first two years, I didn’t own a Her Universe item until the summer of 2013, since for a long time, I didn’t have money.

My uncle purchased my first Her Universe item, the Princess Leia hoodie, as a birthday gift. It was on sale at Hot Topic, and although it was somewhat small on me, I had to have it.

Luck found me again a few days later and I was offered a job at a college library. After saving up for a few months…

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D.I.Y. Geeky Graphic Tank

I love Pinterest! The fact that I can find all different kinds of DIY ideas and tutorials, is awesome for when I am in a creative slump or super stressed, which is how I have been lately. So to keep my sanity, I decided to look through Pinterest for a small and fun DIY project for tops. I wear a lot of tanks to work, mainly because I am running around set like a crazy person and it can get really hot under the studio lights and in the building 😦

So as the title said, the DIY I found is how to make your own graphic tanks. To add some fun and creativity to the mix, I decided to create my own graphics, that have both geeky and fashion elements to them. I am just designing a whole bunch and then I will decide on which ones I am going to actually make.

So I tested the waters with one of my favorites 😀


How To:
– Transfer Paper for Light Fabrics —> Dharama Trading Super Soft InkJet Paper
– DIY Graphic (Mirrored)
– White Tank
– Iron (Set on High, as per the transfer directions)
– Hard Surface (I put my iron mat between the shirt just to be safe)

 Complete :3

The Finished Result
The Finished Result

I am so happy how this came out! I highly recommend the Supersoft Transfer Paper! I cannot wait to make more of these for work and Yoga :3

How do you DIY?


Tip of the Day #23: Cosplay Etiquette

Since we are already into convention season, here is a reblog about the importance of Cosplay Etiquette from Crazy 4 Comic Con.
Just some things to remember even when you are so excited to see “that” cosplay 😀

I remember when I cosplayed as Lara Croft… my best friend caught someone taking a picture of just my um, my bum. Yeah, totally awkward when I turned around and caught them… they looked like a dear in headlights and then ran far away. I laughed it off, but yeah I was a bit uncomfortable the rest of the day. Being respectful is huge to a cosplayer. Don’t be rude about a costume and please don’t take pictures of people’s ahem “assets”. As stated below, cosplay is not consent.

I also remember standing in line for food, most of my costume pieces hanging out at my table and being asked for photos… I was like um sure but I am not in full costume, I wish I was in full costume. haha. So just remember, cosplayers need to eat too :3

Crazy 4 Comic Con

An important aspects of the San Diego Comic-Con has been the time honored tradition of cosplay. Considered one of the most prestigious places to display a costume, San Diego has seen some of the most creative and inventive cosplay the world has ever seen. However, with the rise in popularity, cosplay has been satirized, misunderstood, and mocked as well as celebrated and embraced. Cosplay is more than just dressing in tights and a cape, but it’s an art form championed by artists. So for today’s SDCC Survival Guide, I wanted to offer some Cosplay Etiquette- with the help of LeeAnna Vamp!

  • Respect: A cosplayer’s desire is to enhance the Comic-Con experience through their art. Regardless of shape, size and craftmanship, cosplayers should be treated with respect.
  • Permission: Always ask to take a picture. A cosplayer wants to give you the best photo as possible. Give them a chance to get ready for your photo
  • Timing:

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Where pimples appear on our face may indicate which organs need help

This is pretty interesting. I have GI issues and I find most of my acne is centered around my cheeks and chin, and when I focus on the inner me my acne starts to slowly clear up without all those harsh chemicals 😀 (But I do use oil cleanser, wash, and tea tree oil as well ).


This above image was posted onto Twitter recently and maps out the human face divided into regions where pimples may emerge. Labelled on each section is one or two body parts that connect to it. The idea is that the presence of zits in those regions would indicate an excess of toxins in their corresponding body parts.

Now unless you’re somewhat proficient in Asian languages it might not make a lot of sense so let’s take a look at an English version of it, shall we?

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