Research Never Ends for a Cosplay

When I decide to work on a cosplay, the first thing I do is some pretty in-depth research on the character and the outfit I want to create. I pull tons of images/videos, weed through them, create a story board in InDesign, mark it up with ideas, concepts and materials and then I have that printout pinned to my wall for probably the next 6 or more months

I always seem to believe that I have all the information I could possibly need and then some. But then it comes a time and it always seems to be the little details especially with accessories that I am frantically looking for!

This was a huge case when I made CCS Sakura’s Star Wand and Accessories. I find it fun and challenging because sometimes the smallest details can make a pretty big impact 😀

Here are some of the images I found to use for my current cosplay of Morgana :3
I used, pinterest, google images, the Merlin Wiki, Tumblr and a ton of other search engines to help build good reference material!

 The necklace was the latest thing I was researching for. I couldn’t see enough detail in the pendant on her and I luckily found an illustration online that I could use for creating the pendant 😀 I was super excited!

How do you research and organize for your cosplays? Are you still constantly finding yourself sometimes with a lot of images and still not finding what you need?


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