Where pimples appear on our face may indicate which organs need help

This is pretty interesting. I have GI issues and I find most of my acne is centered around my cheeks and chin, and when I focus on the inner me my acne starts to slowly clear up without all those harsh chemicals 😀 (But I do use oil cleanser, wash, and tea tree oil as well ).

SoraNews24 -Japan News-

This above image was posted onto Twitter recently and maps out the human face divided into regions where pimples may emerge. Labelled on each section is one or two body parts that connect to it. The idea is that the presence of zits in those regions would indicate an excess of toxins in their corresponding body parts.

Now unless you’re somewhat proficient in Asian languages it might not make a lot of sense so let’s take a look at an English version of it, shall we?

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