Future Thinking: I think I want to be a Photo Art Director


Don’t get me wrong I love being a photo stylist, but sometimes I think I could do more.
It’s a little weird that as I have been wondering what else I could do in my field, one of my models and one of my Make-up Artists said that I would make a good Art Director. So it got me thinking, could I take on that role? I think I can, but then I am not sure how to even get started working towards such a goal!

I have a BS in Fashion Merchandising and a MBA, I am also the lead stylist at a studio. But I mostly work on e-commerce and I occasionally work on some concept and marketing pieces. I feel that I lack the graphic design creative background a lot of art directors have. I am somewhat knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, Which, I mostly learned from watching and talking to my retouchers and photographers, watching youtube videos and just by exploring these programs.

I also work with a lot of Art Directors and I think I could do very well as a Fashion Photo Art Director. It’s just getting my foot in that door and training myself for such a role, that I am unsure of.

If there are any photo art directors out there, advice would be greatly appreciated on attempting and making this goal a responsibility. I might not be made for it, but I would rather fail than not try at all.  😀

If you actually read this, thank you 😀



When Totoro met Baymax, and other cool anime crossover T-shirts you can buy

Geeking up the work Wear 😀 Pair over a blazer with some dressy jeans and maybe some heeled boots or heels 😀

When Totoro met Baymax, and other cool anime crossover T-shirts you can buy.

Adorable but Painful: How to make Pointy Toe Shoes a bit more Comfortable

It is very true sometimes, the more wonderful and beautiful the shoe, the more pain your feet may endure. When I wrote the post on Hellish Heels and how to make them more comfortable, I completely forgot about how awful pointy toe shoes can be as well!

For Example, My Oxford Heels

My Oxford Heels

I absolutely love these shoes! I think I bought these leather oxford pumps about 5 years ago. But I regrettably have only worn them twice. Because they are so narrow at the top, it gets very uncomfortable, extremely quickly.

Any-who, I was going through my trunk of cosplay wonder and came across my Lambs Wool Toe Pillows. I purchased these to go with my Pointe shoes for the Dexter’s Laboratory Cosplay my sister and I did. They are very cheap and very comfortable!

Here is a couple shots of them 😀

I actually adjust the toe pillow on my foot first and then I slide my foot into the shoe. It is easier because then you can place them exactly where you need them to be. It really adds all around cushioning to the ball of my foot. Especially for those con days of constant walking around, these are a life saver 😀

I purchased mine at Discount Dance Supply for about $5.50.

To see my original post on Hellish Heels Check it out here —> Hellish Heels: A Secret to making them a bit more comfortable

How do you keep your shoes comfortable for con and everyday wear?


Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.