TGIF with Kickstarter: Cos Culture Magazine

Happy Friday everyone!

I absolutely love magazines, being a fashion stylist and all, I am always looking at those glossy pages for the newest trends and insider tips:D I love making mood boards and inspiration boards for the new seasons or even a sewing project.
So when I stumbled upon this awesome Kickstarter I knew I had to donate and spread the word 😀

Let me introduce you to Cos Culture Magazine 😀

Here is a bit I took from their campaign page:

Cos Culture Magazine is an independent digital and print publication dedicated to promoting the art and culture of Cosplay. The magazine is created and published by Nikko Marie through her independent creative media publishing company NH Creative Inc, and Nikko is the driving force behind the magazine’s vision and production. She is the sweat, blood and tears (tears of joy, of course!) behind the publication, working as editor, marketer, publisher, researcher, graphic designer and all around worker bee. As the months go on we are slowly building an amazing team of supporters who help make the magazine the best that it can be!

This magazine is amazing. With gorgeous photographs, interviews and those sought after tutorials who wouldn’t want to back this little guy who has the amazing potential of being a worldwide staple in every cosplayer’s stash 😀

So please checkout their entire Kickstarter Campaign and Donate today 😀
No matter how much, it all counts!

Are there any other Kickstarter campaigns out there for cosplay?



Cosplayer’s grandmother joins photo shoot for most heartwarming Howl’s Moving Castle cosplay ever

This is amazing and so sweet! When family engages with your passion, it makes things so much more fulfilling 😀


Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 11.22.59 PMThe world of Howl’s Moving Castle becomes much more magical when your real grandmother cosplays as Sophie.

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Winnie the Pooh as a Wookiee? Here is Star Wars Reimagined.

Check out this awesome post on Bored Panda!
Artist James Hance has reimagined my favorite silly old bear into a silly wookiee 😀
It is so adorable! Definitely  have to order a print . . . the only problem is figuring out which one I want 😀
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Image: James Hance Twitter

Also Check out his amazing artwork at: