I have been gone to long . . .

OMG! So the last couple months have been crazy. So I bought a house, a week later my Water heater exploded (yeah, that can happen, the 4 feet of a swimming pool my basement became can attest to that). We had to replace everything. My basement was also finished 😦  Thankfully we hadn’t moved in yet.

Oh, and the holidays happened and we finally moved in on the 3rd. So it has been such a whirlwind! I apologize for the 0 amount of posts! I also decided it was a great idea to paint my kitchen cabinets. . . Well they look amazing but huge pain in the rear. Still haven’t finished the doors. . . I also reupholstered my  french sitting bench (still have to finish that).

But I am excited because my Craft room is on its way to being AMAZING! I am so looking forward to sewing and building props in there!

So while I am finishing that, I can’t promise many posts, but once everything is in somewhat of an order (because reality is making me realize it will never be in complete order) I will be posting a lot more and hopefully finish my Morgana Cosplay 😀

OH! My biggest excitement, I got a new sewing/embroidery machine for Christmas!!!!! Oh Happy Crafting!




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