Geeking Up My House :D

So I have seen the WE DO GEEK signs everywhere! I love them. While my fiance is a huge gamer and anime/manga lover he isn’t always to keen on “geeking up” our new home. I have been allowed a hobbits eating schedule and a Zelda picture for over the keys, so I am trying to add geek in a simple way and I think this sign is awesome.

I couldn’t find one on Etsy that I really loved, some elements to me were missing, so on to photoshop I go. I added a bit of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, DBZ, transformation sequence ( a nod to my favorite magical girl mangas :D), and Hocus Pocus.

I downloaded all the fonts from I love this site and the creators of each amazing font. My poster is just for personal use and not for sale, but i thought I would share it with you because I love how it turned out!

Let Me know what you think 😀
We DO Geek_forFC.jpg

What is your favorite We Do Geek Sign? Or how would you create one?



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