Otakon 2016 Bound :D


Image Credit: Otakon FB Page

Registered for Otakon 2016 last week!!!!
So Excited to Celebrate Otakon’s Last Year In Baltimore!

I am so happy that Otakon is now mailing badges! Those badge lines really were a pain!
If you haven’t registered yet, there is one week left to receive a mailed badge, it ends May 27th!

So I have been slowly and surely working on my Otakon Cosplays
They may be as follows:
– Woking on my Greek Goddess Nyx Cosplay
– Fixed My Cardcaptor Sakura Gown, (ahem, “it” shrunk in the last two years, cough)
-Still gotta fix her accessories
– Starting my Hamtaro Bijou Lolita Dress.

-Still Gotta buy the Wigs and Circle Lenses. Bah!
Arda Wigs and Pinkyparadise here I come!
(No Affiliate there, just love them!)

-Are you going to Otakon 2016 this year?
Who are you cosplaying?



Cardcaptor Sakura’s new manga isn’t a one-shot side story, but a sequel series set to start soon!

So excited!
Now, if I could get a KuroFai, Tsubasa Spinoff . . .


CS 1Sakura returns to monthly serialization as a junior high student.

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The 20 best anime magical girls, as chosen by 10,000 Japanese fans — RocketNews24

Surprisingly, Sailor Moon wasn’t even close to the top pick. Some anime protagonists fall into the same archetypical classes as the heroes of other types of fiction, such as the noble knight, hotshot pilot, or lonely drifter. But there’s no other medium that loves magical girls as much as Japanese animation does. Japanese anime portal…

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NYX Cosplay Update :D

So finally, after countless searching, I found the perfect fabric for my NYX cosplay 😀
It is from Joann’s Spirit Halloween Collection! I stumbled upon the last bit of it at one Jonann’s and then found another 5 yds at another 😀
So excited when that happens!


Here is the semi-finished skirt with a blue chiffon under layer.


 I have been having some difficulty creating the top but of course I recieved some inspiration at midnight last night. Because of that, I was able to drape the fabric the exact way I would like it and I am hopefully going to work on the pattern for it tonight 😀

Here is the draped version!


The Left Side has the perfect shape and and the lines I was going for with this top. The straps are just an idea of where they would need to go 😀

Let me know what you think 😀



Live-action Dragonball Evolution scriptwriter: “I sincerely apologize” — RocketNews24

Yeah, I was highly disappointed in this movie when it came out 😦
It’s nice to see Ramsey admitting he was after a payday, rather than creating the amazing atmosphere and characters of the anime that started my obsession 😀

Anime fans have been seething for over half a decade about the Hollywood adaptation of the martial arts classic, but maybe this will finally cool their rage. Seasoned anime fans know not to get their hopes up too high for Hollywood adaptations of their favorite series. Not only do a lot of projects never get…

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