Test Shoot Concept: Red String of Fate


Hi everyone! So I have been itching to do some portfolio work and I have been throwing the concept of the red string of destiny around in my mind. So cosplay or not, I would love to style a shoot with this idea. So if there are any photographers, make-up artists, costume designers, and models here in the Philly area interested in this concept please shoot me an email and we can get together and see if we can make it work!
E-Mail: Fashioningcosplay@gmail.com

Thank you so much!!!



Take My Money :D

Fans of trains and felines enjoyed a trip with rescue cats recently, all for a good cause. Just last month, Gifu-based rescue cat cafe Sanctuary announced that it was teaming up with local train company Yoro Railway to create Japan’s very first Cat Cafe Train. The one-day event sold out in less than a day, with 80…

via Cat cafe train in Japan makes its inaugural run with rescue cats on board【Photos】 — SoraNews24

A Moment of Synchronicity Today. . .

When I am prepping product for the next day’s shoot, and the product has the quote: Take the Road Less Traveled printed on it and while I am steaming said product,
this song starts playing on Pandora in the background.
Coincidence? Nah, I think it Synchronicity 😀

The question now is, what exactly could be coming my way????
Have you had any Synchronicity in your life lately?



So what does #kpopsurfshop mean? I shall tell you! One of my best friends Sammie, owns an amazing surf shop in Ocean Grove, New Jersey called OG Surf & Skate. If you have been there, amazing and if not and you live in the surrounding area please check her out 😀 Also, I know summer is “technically” over but never to late!

Any who, back to the hashtag. Sammie is a huge Kpop fan and when you visit her most the time she has some Kpop MV’s playing in the background. Because of that and her healthy obsession, she has garnered the name Kpop Surf Shop. My geek heart loves her for it 😀 She is an amazing person and you should totally check her out, especially if you love EXO and BTS 😀 Her Photographs from the concerts she attends are to die for! Also, she has no idea I am even writing this post. . . he he 😀 My inspiration to write this post comes in the form of this hat she had made, FYI the Kpop band on the TV is Day6 😀


So please peeps, if you are a Kpop fan help spread the word for #KpopSurfShop 😀