Lindsay is a very passionate person, with a lively personality and a love for fashion. She currently works in a fast paced, High volume e-commerce studio. She works on about 4 model shoots a week, with a day or two for styling out merchandise and tabletop photography. She has worked on product video projects for various clients and has had a hand in marketing images, laydowns and flats.

Lindsay wishes to gain more experience in lifestyle, marketing, and editorial shoots. While, she very much enjoys working in e-commerce she wishes to stretch her creative wings into other formats. She also has a love for costumes, cosplay, and Lolita. She would love to gain experiences in this specific category, this includes photo shoots and costume styling, because it is so unique and fun.

Because photo shoots can be a bit boring and sometimes tedious, I love to be random and ridiculous :3

So, I welcome you once again to my madness.

Cosplay Page on Cospix —> FashioningCosplay

Photo Stylist Portfolio —> Fashion Photo Stylist Portfolio

Creative Pool —> Lindsay McHugh

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