When things go to Sh*t. . . I live for music

When the world seems like it’s pushing, I tend to escape into my imagination. This year, spotify has been my best friend. Allowing me to listen to whatever I feel like, and in which ever mood I may find myself in. Music really is a healing thing. I have always been drawn to music to help escape reality.

In regards to my fanfiction addiction, when I listen to music, I tend to connect a song with an anime or a situation and create a story that goes along with it.
Like for example, I love Yuri On Ice! and the first time I heard James Arthur’s Say You Won’t Let go, I just imagine an Omegaverse AU, where Viktor sings this to Yuuri or this is his exhibition tribute to Yuuri and his love. I heard the lyrics, and just thought of Episode 10’s banquet scene. I just think this song would be something Viktor would just do. But in some over the top, extra way.

I can just imagine how this would play out out. I have the setting and the dialogue.  Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to put it in writing. I have always been able to vividly imagine things, like a movie playing out in my mind’s eye. But I have the worst time writing them so eloquently and creating the imagery for other’s to not only understand, but to also get lost in. Well that and my grammar is positively horrid 😀

I would love to write my fanfiction fantasies. So if anyone has any advice on how to go about writing my visual stories, I would greatly appreciate it! I just can’t seem to express it on paper. Which is so frustrating!

Now do me a favor. Look at these photos and listen to the song at the bottom and leave me a comment on how you think Viktor would present this song to his katsudon 😀



Creativity: Something I Lost This Past Year. . .

cre·a·tiv·i·ty noun
noun: creativity
  1. the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
    Synonyms:inventivenessimaginationinnovation, innovativeness, originalityindividualityartistryinspirationvisionenterpriseinitiativeresourcefulness
    – Google Dictionary

    You are probably thinking to yourself: why the hell did she give the definition of creativity? Well it’s to remind myself exactly what it is.

I love being creative, which is why sewing and cosplay are some of my favorite past times and outlets. It allows me to forget the stress of being an adult and to focus on creating something beautiful, complex, and amazing. Something I can look at and go, yeah, I made that. So with that being said, this past year I have lost my creativity. It’s like I lost my soul. I have no inspiration or motivation. I just can’t think up ideas, or come up with cosplays. I mean what the heck!!!!! I am like a black hole of nothingness and it is really frustrating. I feel to stagnant in life.

So last weekend, I went and had a Tarot reading done with an amazing lady. The deck I choose to work with was Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Now, not saying you have to believe in this. But I very much do. I actually own the deck myself. I have been feeling lethargic and stuck the last month. I am so relieved to have gone and had this done because, this reading gave me insight on what I need to look at to move forward too. Things I need to do for myself to be more successful in my life. The biggest thing I left with after my reading is: I need to be creative again. I need to unleash my imagination by writing, dancing, or sewing. I just need to create and meet people who have the same interests as myself! So we can motivate each other in being creative.

So, this post is to warn you. I am going to be posting really random ideas now. Maybe Short Prompts for myself, a horribly written fanfiction here or there, or even some v-log posts. All I ask to anyone who actually follows me or reads these. Be gentle. I am not trying to make money or anything. I just want to get my creativity moving once again 😀

So thank you all and I apologize for the coming posts. They will be hellish 😀

Something for me to remember:





Bodyboss Workout… Is it worth it?

So, I know I said in my previous post that I have Hypothyroidism. Now that my energy and hormones seem to be working as one again, my biggest problem is getting a work out. Like many hypothyroid sufferers, I am having problems losing the weight I gained.  I am sadly out of shape for being only 28 years old. I have to catch my breath when I walk up stairs (sad? I know right?).

I did hold a gym membership and I think I went twice. By the time I get home from work,  make dinner and eat, I have no energy to go to the gym and workout. So I cancelled that and now we have a home gym in our new basement and I have only used it twice. I just have no motivation and I really need a swift kick in the ass to get my physical body back.

I know I am rambling, so back to the point of this post. I keep seeing advertisements for Bodyboss. It is a 12 week program to get you into shape. The trainings are 24 minutes long and you do them 3 times a week and their are 4 unique exercise combinations: Bodyweight Resistance Exercises, Plyometric Exercises (Jumps), Cardio, and Unilateral Exercises.  Here is a link to their Website: Bodyboss

So I am wondering if anyone out there is in the midst of the workout or anyone has completed it, is this worth buying and trying? In the past, I have tried workouts and regimes but nothing really stuck and I am wondering if this is a good thing to use for not only quicker results but something I can use long-term.

Please, Please, Please, anyone who can help is welcome to leave me a comment or a message. Now, that I am feeling better, I need to get my body there as well 😀

Thank you so much in advance!