Catering Towards A Unique Culture: Cosplay By McCalls

I love the fact that cosplay is not only being internationally recognized, but now companies are actually catering towards cosplayers.

McCalls who is one of the sewing pattern giants has created it’s very own cosplay site. The collection includes patterns created by the fabulous Yaya Han, the new McCalls Cosplay Brand and includes vintage and costume patterns for a base. As any cosplayer knows, no matter how close the pattern, you still end up changing it to fit your needs and expectations.

Here are the newly introduced patterns for the McCalls Cosplay Brand 😀

I am so excited to get my hands on some of these  and that read coat pattern . . . I’m seeing a Trigun gender bend in the near future 😀

To check out all of the patterns offered, visit the site at: Cosplay McCalls

Who are some of your favorite companies that cater towards cosplayers?


Adorable but Painful: How to make Pointy Toe Shoes a bit more Comfortable

It is very true sometimes, the more wonderful and beautiful the shoe, the more pain your feet may endure. When I wrote the post on Hellish Heels and how to make them more comfortable, I completely forgot about how awful pointy toe shoes can be as well!

For Example, My Oxford Heels

My Oxford Heels

I absolutely love these shoes! I think I bought these leather oxford pumps about 5 years ago. But I regrettably have only worn them twice. Because they are so narrow at the top, it gets very uncomfortable, extremely quickly.

Any-who, I was going through my trunk of cosplay wonder and came across my Lambs Wool Toe Pillows. I purchased these to go with my Pointe shoes for the Dexter’s Laboratory Cosplay my sister and I did. They are very cheap and very comfortable!

Here is a couple shots of them 😀

I actually adjust the toe pillow on my foot first and then I slide my foot into the shoe. It is easier because then you can place them exactly where you need them to be. It really adds all around cushioning to the ball of my foot. Especially for those con days of constant walking around, these are a life saver 😀

I purchased mine at Discount Dance Supply for about $5.50.

To see my original post on Hellish Heels Check it out here —> Hellish Heels: A Secret to making them a bit more comfortable

How do you keep your shoes comfortable for con and everyday wear?


Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.

Hellish Heels: A Secret To Making Them A Bit More Comfortable

So two years ago, I found a little trick for making heels a bit more comfortable. Especially when my 6 inch Catwoman heeled boots mocked me from the corner in which they sat.

See, they are still mocking me!

Anyway, this trick helped alleviate the pain in the ball of my foot. Which was a huge lifesaver!

The trick:
Tape your third and fourth toes (counting from your big toe) together using a nude medical tape.

Why does this Work?
There is a nerve that splits between those two toes. This nerve causes pain when pressure is added. By taping these two toes together, it removes the strain on the nerve. Thus, allowing you to enjoy strutting your amazing cosplay through the con and any photo shoots you may endure:D

Nexcare makes a nude tape that also has cushioning, this is a great tape to just have handy for all your cosplay and reality situations :3)
—> You can Get it here

Do you have any tips or tricks that will make your cosplay shoes easier to walk and fight in?


Cosplay Breastplate to Keep the Nip Slip Under Wraps.

Update: Tumblr User Technoranma or as her cosplay alias Quantum Destiny shared her tutorial for creating a larger than life cosplay chest. While I love the simple and easy tutorial by Twitter user Namechiru, Technoranma’s tutorial is much more realistic. Her techniques on how she texturizes and air brushes the chest piece to match her skin tone is genius and something I wondered about, not everyone can find fabric that matches their skin tone.
You can check out her amazing Tutorial Here. Cosplay Chest Plate Tutorial

If one of your biggest fears with the ahem “sexier” cosplay outfits is a nip slip or the fact that many leading ladies have very generous cleavage and little to no clothing, here is an awesome product for you.

Twitter user Namechiru created this interesting cosplay accessory.

Source: atelierspana

These fake tatas actually make sense to me for cosplay purposes.
Instead of freezing and worrying about flashing some people 😀
Your tatas are safely tucked away and warm.
Which in my mind gives you more freedom for your more sexier cosplays.

Like for example using this clever design for the ever so popular Kill La Kill cosplay

Source: atelierspana

These wonders are made of cloth. The straps loop behind the neck and back.
I believe it is like a high neck sports bra. Namechiru estimates that the cup size is between an E or G.
That is some cleavage!

It seems she made only a limited number of these, but here is her D.I.Y. on how make these buxom wonders 😀  —> Let’s Make Boobs

News Source: Rocket News By:  Casey Baseel


An Animal Eared Bowler Hat D.I.Y.

So last year, one of my friends and I talked about a character lolita idea featuring our favorite 100 acre wood friends. I would take on the project of mr. winnie the pooh himself, and she would undertake Piglet, in a classic lolita way.

One of my biggest ideas was creating a hat with pooh bear’s ears. I figured, it wouldn’t be hard, but still to the internet I went. I discovered this great D.I.Y from blogger Ally at Now That’s Pretty.


You can check out the D.I.Y. at —> Now That’s Pretty: Cute Cat Bowler Hat

If you don’t have the time to create this adorable hat. You can head on over to OASAP and order one of their Cute Cat Ear Straw Bowler in an array of different colors!


Have a great monday and If you are like me and survive on the East Coast, Stay safe in tomorrow’s “maybe” snow storm.