I have Moved My Site!

Hello Everyone, I have officially moved from WordPress to Wix. I am leaving all these posts here, but I have also transferred most of them to the new blog.
So if you would like to follow me there —> The New FashioningCosplay Blog

Thank you everyone for following me these last 4 years! I am so excited to start this blog back up for real this time!


Gokusen: The J Drama

Currently re-watching this oldie but goodie 😀 I love this show so much:
❤ Matsumoto Jun


So what does #kpopsurfshop mean? I shall tell you! One of my best friends Sammie, owns an amazing surf shop in Ocean Grove, New Jersey called OG Surf & Skate. If you have been there, amazing and if not and you live in the surrounding area please check her out 😀 Also, I know summer is “technically” over but never to late!

Any who, back to the hashtag. Sammie is a huge Kpop fan and when you visit her most the time she has some Kpop MV’s playing in the background. Because of that and her healthy obsession, she has garnered the name Kpop Surf Shop. My geek heart loves her for it 😀 She is an amazing person and you should totally check her out, especially if you love EXO and BTS 😀 Her Photographs from the concerts she attends are to die for! Also, she has no idea I am even writing this post. . . he he 😀 My inspiration to write this post comes in the form of this hat she had made, FYI the Kpop band on the TV is Day6 😀


So please peeps, if you are a Kpop fan help spread the word for #KpopSurfShop 😀


Getting Con Ready: Some Tips & Tricks

The purpose of my post today is to talk about convention preparedness. Especially for those first time con goers. I know how daunting a con can be. I remember my first one. It was back when Otakon was still small. I was so anxious the whole day! Actually, it seemed so daunting, that I didn’t work up the nerve to cosplay until about 3 years later because it seemed like it was so much pressure and stress. Which actually is a fun and creative sort of stree. But anyway back to the purpose of this post, to help fellow con goers, I made a list of tips and tricks that I use to help me not only prepare but also survive through any con!

My biggest tip I can give is something that is really talked about a lot:

  • Be respectful of everyone and everything!!! I cannot stress this enough!!! Don’t bash someone’s cosplay, don’t body shame, please ask for permission for photos (especially in a food zone) and please don’t touch anyone. One of the biggest trending hashtags is cosplay is not consent.
    • Even though we choose to dress like that, it doesn’t allow someone to treat you as an object. So please be respectful to yourself, (if you feel uncomfortable express it and walk away,) other cosplayers, actually please just respect everyone, especially the staff. Oh, I have watched people yell and belittle con staff, they are usually volunteers and are doing their best to help, don’t be rude to them either.
    • For more information on cosplay etiquette check out this post I reblogged from the amazing Crazy4ComicCon —> Tip of the Day #23: Cosplay Etiquette
  • Business Cards: One thing that is really popular now, is handing out a form of business cards with your cosplay name, social media info and your own personal hashtag. This is really nice way to get your name out there. It is also an easy way to track any pictures people take of you. I mean you put all that work into them, show them off!
    • If you are not cosplaying, but are taking pictures, please ask the cosplayer for a card or their Instagram name. They will appreciate you taking the time to tag them and get their name out there.

So how do I get prepared? Here is my basic list:

  • My Cosplays.
    • Research – I am pretty crazy when it comes to getting every detail right for a cosplay. I research like crazy. I pull pictures of the character, I re-watch episodes or re-read manga. When I cosplay I like to be pretty spot on. I find it rewarding but I also like to switch things up as well. I find that doing research especially when it comes to the outfit and props is the best thing to do. I actually make a mood board post like this one –> Morgana Research
    • Sewing – Ugh, I am not someone who makes a costume over night. I am pretty cautious with my sewing. I do a little at a time, so I can get the look and fit just right. Don’t rush, give yourself plenty of time. It is actually really fun, when you are not stressing about it.
    • Prop Making – There are so many ways to make props now and days. My Pinterest account has a couple boards dedicated to DIY Prop making. I suggest you search Pinterest for ideas on how to make things. A lot of cosplayers have tutorials on youtube as well.
    • Wigs and Contacts – There are tons of wig tutorials on Pinterest and youtube. Styling and Caring for your wig is very important. I suggest getting a mannequin head so you can work on styling your wig. It is a great and cheap thing to own. So my favorite place to buy wigs is ArdaWigs. They have great quality wigs and awesome sales. They also have tutorials on their site. So I would check them out if you are unsure of something!
      • When it comes to circle lenses, I actually buy my contacts from PinkyParadise. They have great sales, but shipping can take a while. So if you are planning in advance they are wonderful! I have never had a problem with my contacts purchased here!
    • For your Feet- Wear comfy shoes! I cannot stress this enough, cons involve a lot of walking and standing! So bring comfy shoes. When I cosplayed as DeeDee from Dexter’s Lab. I wore pink flats and only wore my pointe shoes for pictures. If you don’t want to do that buy really good and comfortable insoles for your shoes. Anything to help alleviate the pain.
      • A trick a model taught me is tapping your toes together. From your big toe, you want to tape your 2nd and 3rd toes together. By doing this, you alleviate the pain in the ball of your foot. Strange? I know, but it works like a charm, especially if you are wearing heels.
  • Packing
    • I am the queen of over preparedness. I love Packing Checklists!
    • So when preparing for a con I usually pack two bags.
      • One is dedicated to my cosplay items, the other is dedicated to my civilian clothes and needs. I usually write a list of each cosplay and the accessories that go with each one. Heaven forbid you forget an important costume item! I also do this with my everyday things as well.
      • Sewing kit. Usually equipped with white, black, my cosplay colors and of course translucent thread. It helps cover the basic needs. Small scissors, multiple needles and a seam ripper.
      • Super Glue, Double Sided Body Tape, Nude Medical tape, and Aluminum Foil Tape. These really come in handy for everything! I am going to do a separate post on what is in my kit. But these are the basics that I always have on me 😀 Here is a link to my Kit List –> Stylist’s Kit
  • Remember Things Happen
    • Trust me. Props break, costumes break. Just don’t panic! That is why you keep a small kit in your bag or in a friend’s bag. Keeping your calm when something goes wrong makes all the difference! A mental Breakdown can ruin the rest of your weekend! Don’t let it!
      • For Example: Someone stepped on my CCS Gown and the zipper split all the way up the back. . . thankfully I had a ton of curved safety pins and my backpack covered the mishap. I kinda just laughed it off and didn’t let it ruin my day 😀
    • Also, be careful with transporting your props. My CCS Star wand broke on the way to Otakon and then fell during the day. Super Glue came in handy that day. That cosplay just seemed to want to fall apart on me. But I did not let it and justice prevailed because I was praised for how good it looked 😀
      • Speaking of props. Be mindful of carrying them and swinging them around. Hallways and walkways can be very crowded.
      • Props may seem light and easy to carry in the beginning but after walking around all day and posing, they start to feel heavy, bring something you can store them in, or see if one of your friend’s wouldn’t mind holding it for a bit.
      • Also, don’t touch or pick up someone else’s props. They are usually very delicate and if not handled correctly could break.
  • The Actual Convention
    • A con can be overwhelming. When it comes to planning the actual day or weekend, there is so much going on all the time! It can cause a lot of people anxiety with how much information is thrown at them.
    • To prepare for that, I usually check the website for schedules and events or I check and see if the con has a Guidebook.
      • Guidebook is an app for apple and android you can download and the convention can upload and update in real time, schedules, events and any changes that may occur and it even has alarms to remind you of things you favorited! Check it out here –> Guidebook
    • After all that, I then check with my friends and see if any of us have any common ideas and plan from there. A lot of times our plans go down the drain due to us finding something else, or lines. So be prepared to be flexible in your schedule.
    • Lines, Ugh, they can be the worst. They can be frustrating and long. Please do not try and cut the line. People get really offended and it is rude. To kill time we usually bring a card game (exploding kittens was a favorite), our Nintendo 3DS, and we have watched movies 😀 Also if we know in advance the line will be long we grab some food and eat during the wait.
      • It’s all about perspective and keeping yourself busy and happy. Actually, lines are also a good way to make new friends!
    • Speaking of making new friends, want to meet other cosplayers/peeps?
      • Check Facebook, Tumblr, and other social media/cosplay sites for information on meet-ups, group photoshoots and after parties. Just be careful and safe when going outside of the convention center.
      • For example the cosplay.com forums are a great place to meet people, trade tips and tricks, ask for advice and discover con meet-ups! Check it out here –> Cosplay.com/Forum
      • Also, you can find smaller local conventions, meet-ups or after parties on Eventbrite. You can check out what is happening in your area here —> Eventbrite: Discover Events or you could even jump head first and utilize this awesome platform and create your own event. Check out more about how do this here —> Eventbrite: Registration
  • Money
    • I always seem to have a problem with overspending at cons. When almost every vendor has the credit card app or paypal, it makes it so easy to just keep spending your hard earned paycheck.
      • Make a budget for food and drinks and if you are spending the weekend bring a case of water and your own breakfast/snack foods. That helps keep costs down.
      • Make a budget for how much you are willing to spend on items in the vendor areas and how much anything extra would cost. (ie photoshoot).
        • To help keep track of my spending, I actually took out cash and kept it in my bag. That cash was for anything I wanted from vendors. When it runs out, I was done. However, I still used my debit card for food. But that was a lot easier to keep track of.
      • Get Venmo. Venmo is a digital wallet, that makes paying your friends quick and easy. I know sometimes splitting the bill can be a headache for a server. With Venmo, one person can pay the bill and then everyone can just Venmo their share of the bill to whoever paid. It’s quick and easy and it makes the who owes who money at the end completely obsolete.

Well, that is really all I can think of right now. If anything more comes to me, I will create a follow up post to this one or if you have any tips and tricks for getting prepared please share them in the comments below and I will add those as well into the next post 😀


When things go to Sh*t. . . I live for music

When the world seems like it’s pushing, I tend to escape into my imagination. This year, spotify has been my best friend. Allowing me to listen to whatever I feel like, and in which ever mood I may find myself in. Music really is a healing thing. I have always been drawn to music to help escape reality.

In regards to my fanfiction addiction, when I listen to music, I tend to connect a song with an anime or a situation and create a story that goes along with it.
Like for example, I love Yuri On Ice! and the first time I heard James Arthur’s Say You Won’t Let go, I just imagine an Omegaverse AU, where Viktor sings this to Yuuri or this is his exhibition tribute to Yuuri and his love. I heard the lyrics, and just thought of Episode 10’s banquet scene. I just think this song would be something Viktor would just do. But in some over the top, extra way.

I can just imagine how this would play out out. I have the setting and the dialogue.  Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to put it in writing. I have always been able to vividly imagine things, like a movie playing out in my mind’s eye. But I have the worst time writing them so eloquently and creating the imagery for other’s to not only understand, but to also get lost in. Well that and my grammar is positively horrid 😀

I would love to write my fanfiction fantasies. So if anyone has any advice on how to go about writing my visual stories, I would greatly appreciate it! I just can’t seem to express it on paper. Which is so frustrating!

Now do me a favor. Look at these photos and listen to the song at the bottom and leave me a comment on how you think Viktor would present this song to his katsudon 😀



My Cosplays from Otakon :D

Whelp, Otakon 2016 is now officially over! But here are some pictures of my cosplays from the weekend. Unfortunately, it was so hot we didn’t stay in costume very long and with the construction in Inner Harbor we didn’t get great pics 😦 But hopefully when it cools down maybe we can go off for a photo shoot 😀

My Greek goddess Nyx Outfit and my sister and I did humanoid vintage Hamtaro and Bijou 😀

Let me know what you think 😀

What has been your most recent cosplays?


Otakon 2016 Bound :D


Image Credit: Otakon FB Page

Registered for Otakon 2016 last week!!!!
So Excited to Celebrate Otakon’s Last Year In Baltimore!

I am so happy that Otakon is now mailing badges! Those badge lines really were a pain!
If you haven’t registered yet, there is one week left to receive a mailed badge, it ends May 27th!

So I have been slowly and surely working on my Otakon Cosplays
They may be as follows:
– Woking on my Greek Goddess Nyx Cosplay
– Fixed My Cardcaptor Sakura Gown, (ahem, “it” shrunk in the last two years, cough)
-Still gotta fix her accessories
– Starting my Hamtaro Bijou Lolita Dress.

-Still Gotta buy the Wigs and Circle Lenses. Bah!
Arda Wigs and Pinkyparadise here I come!
(No Affiliate there, just love them!)

-Are you going to Otakon 2016 this year?
Who are you cosplaying?


NYX Cosplay Update :D

So finally, after countless searching, I found the perfect fabric for my NYX cosplay 😀
It is from Joann’s Spirit Halloween Collection! I stumbled upon the last bit of it at one Jonann’s and then found another 5 yds at another 😀
So excited when that happens!


Here is the semi-finished skirt with a blue chiffon under layer.


 I have been having some difficulty creating the top but of course I recieved some inspiration at midnight last night. Because of that, I was able to drape the fabric the exact way I would like it and I am hopefully going to work on the pattern for it tonight 😀

Here is the draped version!


The Left Side has the perfect shape and and the lines I was going for with this top. The straps are just an idea of where they would need to go 😀

Let me know what you think 😀



The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. . .

. . . Well for a nerd like me it really is! I received my first Loot Crate yesterday and it is epic!

Monthly Subscription based boxes are not anything new, but they have been gaining a much higher following now and days. Most of the ones I hear about at work are beauty based and while that is awesome, I wasn’t really interested. So low and behold one of my fellow photographers introduced me to Loot Crate. A nerd based monthly subscription that contain amazing gifts at an affordable price.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.36.36 PM.png

The really awesome thing is they vow never to have the same item twice and the months are always a different theme. For example, this month’s theme was versus :

Here is a screenshot from their website:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.11.56 PM.png

They also offer different options so you can choose the crate that peeks your interest 😀

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.12.38 PM.png

Here is my March Crate 😀

I was so excited! I love that T-shirt! and my fiance has already claimed the Batman vs Superman wallet and the Dardevil vs Punisher Hat. But I suppose that is okay 😀

The Hat is amazing, depending upon your mood you can be team DareDevil or Team Punisher 😀 I was feeling both of them last night 😀


I am so excited for April’s Crate! The theme is Quest! Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.20.03 PM.pngAnd Holy Shit Harry Potter and my favorite movie of all time Labyrinth is being featured. Dance Magic Dance!

Don’t Have Loot Crate?
Here you go and save $5 😀
Loot Crate 


showmemakeup: One Amazing Makeup Artist

One Hell of an MUA! and My Favorite Disney Lady, in one happily never after video:D
Check out Shonagh Scott and her amazing tumblr/ youtube videos. Her tutorials are amazing and I have learned some awesome techniques!

So Check her out Below and further your cosplay makeup ::D

What are some of your favorite makeup techniques for cosplay?