Adorable but Painful: How to make Pointy Toe Shoes a bit more Comfortable

It is very true sometimes, the more wonderful and beautiful the shoe, the more pain your feet may endure. When I wrote the post on Hellish Heels and how to make them more comfortable, I completely forgot about how awful pointy toe shoes can be as well!

For Example, My Oxford Heels

My Oxford Heels

I absolutely love these shoes! I think I bought these leather oxford pumps about 5 years ago. But I regrettably have only worn them twice. Because they are so narrow at the top, it gets very uncomfortable, extremely quickly.

Any-who, I was going through my trunk of cosplay wonder and came across my Lambs Wool Toe Pillows. I purchased these to go with my Pointe shoes for the Dexter’s Laboratory Cosplay my sister and I did. They are very cheap and very comfortable!

Here is a couple shots of them 😀

I actually adjust the toe pillow on my foot first and then I slide my foot into the shoe. It is easier because then you can place them exactly where you need them to be. It really adds all around cushioning to the ball of my foot. Especially for those con days of constant walking around, these are a life saver 😀

I purchased mine at Discount Dance Supply for about $5.50.

To see my original post on Hellish Heels Check it out here —> Hellish Heels: A Secret to making them a bit more comfortable

How do you keep your shoes comfortable for con and everyday wear?


Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.

A Fashion Stylist’s Go To Site for Kit Needs. . .

Because anything could happen during a convention. Having an emergency kit is key! Trust me, I was so thankful for my styling kit last year when my zipper broke on my sakura gown 😀

So today, I wanted to share an awesome site and if you are on the East Coast this place is a wonderland for day to day needs, styling needs, and cosplay needs!

So the one place myself and my fellow fashion stylists use a lot is Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. This site has almost everything anyone could ask for, granted you can get a lot of these things at craft stores, but when shopping in bulk, and not wanting to run around to a ton of stores, it is definitely worth it.

Here are some of the essentials I keep on hand for freelance and for my convention days:

Check out this awesome one stop shop —> Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies
They now carry Worbla, Wonderflex, and Fosshape —> Cosplay Supplies
They also have a great selection of beauty supplies  —> Pro Beauty Supplies

What kind of products do you keep in your convention kit?

Happy Cosplaying!


Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.

Tip of the Day #23: Cosplay Etiquette

Since we are already into convention season, here is a reblog about the importance of Cosplay Etiquette from Crazy 4 Comic Con.
Just some things to remember even when you are so excited to see “that” cosplay 😀

I remember when I cosplayed as Lara Croft… my best friend caught someone taking a picture of just my um, my bum. Yeah, totally awkward when I turned around and caught them… they looked like a dear in headlights and then ran far away. I laughed it off, but yeah I was a bit uncomfortable the rest of the day. Being respectful is huge to a cosplayer. Don’t be rude about a costume and please don’t take pictures of people’s ahem “assets”. As stated below, cosplay is not consent.

I also remember standing in line for food, most of my costume pieces hanging out at my table and being asked for photos… I was like um sure but I am not in full costume, I wish I was in full costume. haha. So just remember, cosplayers need to eat too :3

Crazy 4 Comic Con

An important aspects of the San Diego Comic-Con has been the time honored tradition of cosplay. Considered one of the most prestigious places to display a costume, San Diego has seen some of the most creative and inventive cosplay the world has ever seen. However, with the rise in popularity, cosplay has been satirized, misunderstood, and mocked as well as celebrated and embraced. Cosplay is more than just dressing in tights and a cape, but it’s an art form championed by artists. So for today’s SDCC Survival Guide, I wanted to offer some Cosplay Etiquette- with the help of LeeAnna Vamp!

  • Respect: A cosplayer’s desire is to enhance the Comic-Con experience through their art. Regardless of shape, size and craftmanship, cosplayers should be treated with respect.
  • Permission: Always ask to take a picture. A cosplayer wants to give you the best photo as possible. Give them a chance to get ready for your photo
  • Timing:

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Research Never Ends for a Cosplay

When I decide to work on a cosplay, the first thing I do is some pretty in-depth research on the character and the outfit I want to create. I pull tons of images/videos, weed through them, create a story board in InDesign, mark it up with ideas, concepts and materials and then I have that printout pinned to my wall for probably the next 6 or more months

I always seem to believe that I have all the information I could possibly need and then some. But then it comes a time and it always seems to be the little details especially with accessories that I am frantically looking for!

This was a huge case when I made CCS Sakura’s Star Wand and Accessories. I find it fun and challenging because sometimes the smallest details can make a pretty big impact 😀

Here are some of the images I found to use for my current cosplay of Morgana :3
I used, pinterest, google images, the Merlin Wiki, Tumblr and a ton of other search engines to help build good reference material!

 The necklace was the latest thing I was researching for. I couldn’t see enough detail in the pendant on her and I luckily found an illustration online that I could use for creating the pendant 😀 I was super excited!

How do you research and organize for your cosplays? Are you still constantly finding yourself sometimes with a lot of images and still not finding what you need?


DIY Idea – The Graphic Tank

Update —> DIY Geeky Graphic Tank 

My Goodness, the last two weeks have been crazy busy with so many projects and photo shoots! Any who, to keep my sanity, I decided to look through the internet for a small and fun DIY project for tops. I wear a lot of tanks to work, mainly because I am running around set like a crazy person and it can get really hot under the studio lights and in the building 😦

So as the title said, the DIY I found is how to make your own graphic tanks. To add some fun and creativity to the mix, I decided to create my own graphics, that have both geeky and fashion elements to them. I am just designing a whole bunch and then I will decide on which ones I am going to actually make.

I also own some cute tanks, that I am going to make patterns out of. So my custom shirts can be completely custom 😀

Here are some of the designs I have made so far 😀


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Let me know what you think! I will update when I actually start sewing and making these wonderful tops 😀


Essentials: The Convention Bag

No matter who you are cosplaying or where you are, you have to have some form of transportation for all your convention day essentials.
Thus, there are those amazingly geeky bags you just have to bring or even make.

My go to con bag for the last 7 years has been my white tiger, that poor thing. For my other bags, I try and buy or make a bag that works well with my cosplay. So it works more as a prop than a hindrance.

Here are my three convention Bags

And…here are some Convention Day Bag Inspirations :3

What will you be toting around at your upcoming convention (s)?