Fashioning Cosplay Disclaimer

All of the opinions and thoughts in my blog posts are entirely my own. If you would like to use any of my own images from this blog please credit it back to here.  Also, I do use photography and quotes pulled from the web (ie. pinterest and tumblr) that I find humorous, fascinating, and inspirational. When I use images, I try and credit them back to the original source. If I have not credited content correctly or if you would like it removed please contact me and i’ll do that. This also includes the re-blogging and sharing of other bloggers posts on my blog, if I feel that my readers will benefit from or will enjoy them.

I do not accept any gifting unless I feel it would work well with my blog and/or if it is not something I would usually wear or use.  All reviews I write are in my honest opinion, I will never stray from my own honest opinion just because something has been sent to me and I do not accept compensation for purely positive reviews. I like to be honest and upfront when it comes to my blog posts.

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