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The Things I Wear to Work :D

He he the things I wear to work ūüėÄ


I love this shirt! I purchased it about 4 years ago, however I put on a bit of weight and it became a little tight in the chest area, I was super bummed. But then, I saw a buzz feed article on how to update old clothing. You can check out the DIY’s here —> 31 T-Shirt DIY’s¬†

So after going through the list, I loved the idea of adding lace to the sides.
Here is a side shot showing off the added lace ūüėÄ


How do you update some of your favorite old tops?


NEW LAUNCH: Missha X KOMA limited edition

Hohoho! Looks like there are some more new limited edition collection from one of our dear Korean beauty brand – Missha. Let’s just jump right in and have a look shall we?

Source: NEW LAUNCH: Missha X KOMA limited edition

So Excited, I got my Cosplay in America V2 Book!

Happy Thursday! I am so excited! I got my Cosplay in America V2 in yesterday! It was a nice surprise, especially after such a crazy week!
I have been anticipating this book since I pre-ordered it back in March!
The pictures and stories are wonderful! It shows cosplayers in “real life” in their own environments working on the things they love most. It’s inspiring and amazing.

Check out¬†the site¬†ūüėÄ Cosplay In America

Cosplay In America V2
Cosplay In America V2


Cosplayer Nation: A Documentary

TGIF! I am so happy it is Friday, it was such a weird week, especially here in Philly.
So today I wanted to share an amazing cosplay documentary with you!
Cosplayer Nation is the brainchild of CEO Joshua Adams and President Uke Li.

Check out this awesome 15 min (i love that) sneak peek into the Documentary.

When it comes to this documentary you really should never judge a book by it’s cover. ¬†The interviews, background information and stories within this documentary are both informative and exciting. When people talk or ask me about cosplay, sometimes I don’t know how to explain it in a way people¬†would understand. This documentary gave me insight on how to make other people who are not an anime, manga, or cosplay fan understand that this hobby is a way to express yourself in a different light. That it takes dedication, time, somewhat of a strategy (that seems to go to hell the closer an event gets), problem-solving skills and an ability to think outside the proverbial box.

I cannot wait to see more from¬†Cosplayer Nation and for more people to understand that cosplay is not just a hobby. That it really is a form of expression, a creative process, and above all an art ūüėÄ

So please check out the trailer and join the Nation!

Facebook –> Cosplayer Nation
Youtube Channel –> Cosplayer Nation


Beauty Hack: Storing False Eyelashes

I could not tell you how many fake eyelashes I have lost, but it’s a pretty penny. So I was looking through one of my favorite beauty sites and came across this awesome storage DIY. It is as simple as using a bead box!

Image: Beautylish

This is an amazing idea. I can even label them according to the cosplay they are for! It also makes it easier to carry them around. If one gets lost you already have a back up pair with you. Absolutely Genius!  Another cool thing is a lot of these compartments can be customized so you can store the glue and tools in there as well.

You can find the full article here—> How To Store False Eyelashes
and while you are at it, poke around Beautylish‘s community pages. There are some awesome photos, reviews, tips and tricks there!

Are there any great DIY storage ideas you use?


Big Hero 6 Cosplay by: BehindInfinity

When you get it right, you definitely get it right.
The awesome cosplayers at behindinfinity have always done an amazing job at bringing our favorite characters to life (cough Black Butler ) but I must say my number one cosplay is their spot on replication of my favorite, Big Hero 6. Here are some of my favorite shots! They even made a baymax suit. My sister and I were Fangirling when we saw these photos.

To see more of this and their other very awesome cosplays check out their deviant art site —> BehindInifinty ¬†¬†

Happy Cosplaying!


Valentino A/W 2015 and a little bit of Zoolander?

So I love the runway shows, the fashion, the stars, the what were they thinking? But I love the shock factor and the creativity designers put into creating the atmosphere of their shows. ¬†I must say, while Chanel’s Cafe Chic was adorable, Valentino takes the cake with a Zoolander cameo.

Here comes Blue Steel looking every bit the model we remember.

Photo: ElleUK
Photo: Who, What, Wear

To see the full gorgeous Valentino looks check out —> ElleUK¬†

To see the Exclusive behind the scenes photos check out —> Vogue

Some Awesome Instagram Photos from the show —> Who, What, Wear

Are you excited for Zoolander 2?