When Totoro met Baymax, and other cool anime crossover T-shirts you can buy

Geeking up the work Wear 😀 Pair over a blazer with some dressy jeans and maybe some heeled boots or heels 😀

When Totoro met Baymax, and other cool anime crossover T-shirts you can buy.

Cosplayer Nation: A Documentary

TGIF! I am so happy it is Friday, it was such a weird week, especially here in Philly.
So today I wanted to share an amazing cosplay documentary with you!
Cosplayer Nation is the brainchild of CEO Joshua Adams and President Uke Li.

Check out this awesome 15 min (i love that) sneak peek into the Documentary.

When it comes to this documentary you really should never judge a book by it’s cover.  The interviews, background information and stories within this documentary are both informative and exciting. When people talk or ask me about cosplay, sometimes I don’t know how to explain it in a way people would understand. This documentary gave me insight on how to make other people who are not an anime, manga, or cosplay fan understand that this hobby is a way to express yourself in a different light. That it takes dedication, time, somewhat of a strategy (that seems to go to hell the closer an event gets), problem-solving skills and an ability to think outside the proverbial box.

I cannot wait to see more from Cosplayer Nation and for more people to understand that cosplay is not just a hobby. That it really is a form of expression, a creative process, and above all an art 😀

So please check out the trailer and join the Nation!

Facebook –> Cosplayer Nation
Youtube Channel –> Cosplayer Nation


Live Action Anime Adaptations: Yay or Nay?

Over the weekend, my other half and I drove about an hour and a half to see the The Last: Naruto the movie. On the ride home, after speaking about how we loved the movie, we got into the good old live action adaptation discussion.

I for one, find live action to be entertaining and interesting. I mean, nothing is ever as good as the source. But live actions can just be good in its on way.

My First Live Action Series was Ouran High School Host Club, which I have read the manga and watched the anime. It was different but also very entertaining 😀


I also watched Great Teacher Onizuka 2014 and Gokusen, however I have yet to read the original manga versions 😦



I really liked all these shows, I always seemed to be watching them on my train rides to NYC… I always got those “what the heck is she smiling at” stares.

Any who, the next live action adaptation I am going to watch is Rurouni Kenshin. I love the anime and I have read really good Reviews! I am very excited and will update with my thoughts 😀


So are live actions a yay or nay and why?

Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay

So I wanted to share my Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card cosplay. It was my first major undertaking in creating a cosplay from scratch.  This gown was a huge learning curve in pattern alterations and sewing.

In my eyes, it’s not perfect and I am working on fixing the gown and redoing the star wand.  I apologize, I don’t have many photos of this costume. But I will probably be doing a photo shoot in the near future with it, once I fix it up.

Here are some shots 😀

The Accessories I made included: Kero, The Nothing & Hope Card, The Star Wand (The Wings Broke) and Sakura’s Egg Backpack

I am so thankful I had my styling kit with me! I used double-sided fashion tape for the ribbons to keep them in the place, and I wore stockings which helped create a good base for the tape. I think the most challenging part of the entire costume was getting the shape of the skirt and the neckline was a definite trial and error.

One Problem:  My darling Fiance stepped on the back of my gown and the zipper split up the back. Once again thank goodness for my kit and quilters safety pins and for the fact it happened towards the end of the day! In the images above there is a shot from the back, you can see the pins holding it together. I was also grateful that the backpack hid the rip!

All in all it was really fun and a lot of people enjoyed my costume which I was super excited for!

I will share updates later once I get this fixed up 😀


Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon Re-Drawn Together

On shoot days, when my models are getting prepped and even more gorgeous in Hair & Makeup and my assistant and I have everything ready to go for the day and I don’t think I could look at another trend site or fashion blog I check out some of my favorite nerdy blogs and sites. One of my favorite sites for Japanese news is Rocketnews.

Rocketnews contains news from all over Asia, The US and the Internet. If you have some free time or want to liven up your day I would head on over and check it out. When I have a bad day this site definitely helps, and sometimes I even get some interesting topics for shoot days. Gotta keep the energy up 😀

Anywho, my favorite post this week takes me back to childhood and the beginning of my love for anime and Manga. My two first animes have been re-drawn together in this amazing artwork.

Check it out the rest here —> Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon Together