Winnie the Pooh as a Wookiee? Here is Star Wars Reimagined.

Check out this awesome post on Bored Panda!
Artist James Hance has reimagined my favorite silly old bear into a silly wookiee 😀
It is so adorable! Definitely  have to order a print . . . the only problem is figuring out which one I want 😀
Check out the full post–> Star Wars Characters Reimagined As Winnie The Pooh And Friends


Image: James Hance Twitter

Also Check out his amazing artwork at:


Big Hero 6 Cosplay by: BehindInfinity

When you get it right, you definitely get it right.
The awesome cosplayers at behindinfinity have always done an amazing job at bringing our favorite characters to life (cough Black Butler ) but I must say my number one cosplay is their spot on replication of my favorite, Big Hero 6. Here are some of my favorite shots! They even made a baymax suit. My sister and I were Fangirling when we saw these photos.

To see more of this and their other very awesome cosplays check out their deviant art site —> BehindInifinty   

Happy Cosplaying!


Live Action Anime Adaptations: Yay or Nay?

Over the weekend, my other half and I drove about an hour and a half to see the The Last: Naruto the movie. On the ride home, after speaking about how we loved the movie, we got into the good old live action adaptation discussion.

I for one, find live action to be entertaining and interesting. I mean, nothing is ever as good as the source. But live actions can just be good in its on way.

My First Live Action Series was Ouran High School Host Club, which I have read the manga and watched the anime. It was different but also very entertaining 😀


I also watched Great Teacher Onizuka 2014 and Gokusen, however I have yet to read the original manga versions 😦



I really liked all these shows, I always seemed to be watching them on my train rides to NYC… I always got those “what the heck is she smiling at” stares.

Any who, the next live action adaptation I am going to watch is Rurouni Kenshin. I love the anime and I have read really good Reviews! I am very excited and will update with my thoughts 😀


So are live actions a yay or nay and why?

Nerdist: One of the FB Feeds I don’t want to Hide

When it comes to Facebook, I browse maybe the first 15 news feed updates and in those 15, I think I usually hide about 10 of them….Yes, I am one of those people. But there is one news feed I am always looking forward to seeing and those are the updates from Nerdist.
Nerdist is an amazing site. It was created by Chris Hardwick who is the creative head of Nerdist Industries. The site includes awesome podcasts, news updates on your favorite television shows, movies, games, music, science, and tech.
If you have some spare times, check them out, and I do mean some spare time.  You just get sucked into this black hole of new news and podcasts and videos. . . it really is overwhelmingly fun!
Here is an awesome video Nerdist has on their site, If you love Back to the Future, you will love this video!
Oh and this pretty interesting news:
What do you think of that news? Excited? Apprehensive? Just Meh?