Problem Solving: When a Pattern doesn’t work

Sewing Problems: Patterns šŸ˜¦
So, the dress pattern I originally bought for the under layer of my Morgana gown is designed for a stiffer fabric and not a knit. I knew that in the beginning but the skirt is so perfect for what I need. Since the top of the ofĀ under layer is pretty basic, I decided to look through some Pinterest boards for someĀ printableĀ pdf sewing patterns. Well I came across a ton of free patterns and through a search, I finally found the perfect one.

Zoe AtĀ So, Zo What Do You Know created an easy to follow and basic Camisole Pattern, that you can download and use as many times as you would like. I altered the pattern a bit for a lower v neckline. Since I am sewing a knit, I decided to use a loose straight stitch first to make sure the fit was just right, then I sewed over the straight stitch with a narrow zig zag. I will post some pictures later. I am also in a debate, to sew a bra into the top or not. I think I might šŸ˜€

So Zo Sewing Cami Pattern
You can find the tank pattern and theĀ instructions here:Ā Ā —->Ā Free Downloadable PDF Vest & Cami Pattern

IĀ am most definitely going to be using this pattern for some summer tanks :3

Do you have any free patterns to share, that would make some cosplayerĀ lives a little more easier?