NEW LAUNCH: Missha X KOMA limited edition

Hohoho! Looks like there are some more new limited edition collection from one of our dear Korean beauty brand – Missha. Let’s just jump right in and have a look shall we?

Source: NEW LAUNCH: Missha X KOMA limited edition

Saturday Excitement: The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible

It really has been a slow week, and a very slow month. February just seemed like it was dragging and sucking the energy out of me. Boo, Spring Assortments and them being so large! Anyway, another reason this week has gone by super slow is because I am super excited for tomorrow’s adventure!

The other half and I are going to see The Illusionists tomorrow! The illusionists combines 7 of the world’s best magicians from around the world for an exciting and imaginative show. 

Here is the promotional trailer for the show 😀

I will share some snap shots and thoughts tomorrow on the show.

Stay Tuned

Update 😀 —> The Illusionists: Witness the Impossible Update


Current Cosplay Undertaking: Morgana Pendragon

An Update 😀 —> Morgana Cosplay

Since my last cosplay undertaking was one hell of a project, (Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie 2, The Gown she wore during the play), I decided to try something a little different. My current cosplay undertaking is Morgana Pendragon from BBC’s Merlin.

I am doing her 3rd season look.


I am a bit OCD and detail oriented, blame it on my profession. I like to reproduce the look to a T. Don’t get me wrong, I love to add my own personality into some cosplays. But I find it fun and a bit of a challenge to duplicate a look.

For Morgana’s dress I really wanted to get the look right and on a day I was looking for fabric for work (yeah, you really do find things when you are so not trying!) I stumbled upon this wonderful find for the outer layer.


It is as close as I am going to get! I still need to buy the green fabric for the under dress, but that is a lot easier find than spider web lace.

Now that I have the fabric, I needed a pattern  With my Sakura Cosplay I had to alter the pattern a lot, so I wasn’t very worried. I just wanted a close enough pattern with the parts I needed. I found this pattern at my local Joann’s Fabric Store


I customized the pattern by adding length and a train, I split the bodice from the skirt. I cut the skirt in 6 pieces instead of two for the added seams, that I need for the look and I attached the sleeve pieces to make one continuous sleeve.

My Progress

I cut the pattern and it is currently half pinned to my mannequin. I ran into trouble sewing the lace… I need a sheer nude organza base. I was trying to stitch it and it just kept getting stuck in the machine… so yeah organza base. Thank you again to the awesome cosplayers who helped me!

So here is where I leave off, I will update as soon as I start back up. Work has been busy, woo hoo shooting Spring Assortments when it is 10 degrees out! Talk about disappointing when I walk outside after shooting shorts and tanks!