DIY: Fancy Hanger

I seem to have gotten bitten by the creative bug 😀 I bought this new dress at probably one of my favorite clothing haunts on the East Coast, located in the charming town of New Hope, Pa called Thirteen Vintage. The owners are amazing and know their stuff.
Check out their web-store  —> Thirteen Vintage
You will love them 😀

Now onto my DIY. I always see these gorgeous hangers on Etsy and decided to try my hand at one. and it’s really easy.

My Tools:|
-High temp hot glue gun, with added glue sticks
– a Wooden Hanger
– Fabric (I choose black lace)
– Accessories to glam it up.

I will admit, the back of this doesn’t look very pretty, seams and what not with the hot glue. But I think the front looks pretty good. I learned a trick though, You can tell in the close up, I originally was glueing both sides of the lace to the hanger but then I discovered that if i pulled tight enough and in sections I didn’t need to glue the front down. Live and Learn :3

How do you fancy up hangers?