A Really Random Cosplay Idea

So the other day in the car, I was listening to backstreet boys (Don’t judge a 90’s kid), and a scenario randomly popped into my head.

A lip singing of Backstreet Boys “Larger than Life” by the men of Saint Seyia… and add Athena. Well, that would be amusing.Saint Seiya

So on my long rides home (the PA Turnpike sucks at rush hour) I thought hmmm… what other songs could work with this.

– Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song sung by DBZ’s Own, Goku with Frezia, Cell, Boo and Vegeta dancing in the background.Goku_Vegeta_Cell_Buu_Frieza

– Escape the Fate’s version of Santana’s Smooth Tango Dance – Vampire Knight (A Three’s Tango: Yuki, Kaname, & Zero).


– Adam Lambert – For Your Entertainment lip sung by Rin Okumura – Ao No Exorcist
– A Band Music Video featuring the cast of Ao No Exorcist singing Fall Out Boy: My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark.


A Soul Eater Lip Sync to Little Mix “Black Magic.” Blair could be the one singing the song 😀 You Know Soul could use a bit of honey and Black Star could use some crystal balling :p


Tenchi and Ayeka lip singing you’re the one that I want from GreaseAyekatenchi.jpg

Cardcaptor Sakura, Sakura singing Watch Me Shine by Joanna Pacitti


My newest ideas have to deal with Yuri on Ice!

Okay, So I have a couple songs for this:
– Yuuri Skating, Dancing, or Singing to 8th World Wonder by Kimberley Locke for Viktor.
– Viktor Skating, Dancing, or Singing to Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur (Banquet
scene, enough said).
– Totally Yuuri, Viktor, and Pitchit? or Chris singing and dancing to Give it To Me by
Timbaland, JT, and Nelly.
– Yurio skating to Katy Perry’s Roar. I got the eye of the tiger!
– Yuuri Skating to Fight Song by Rachel Platten.
I could keep going but I’m not 😀



This really is a list of random things that come into my very random mind.

Probably going to continue to update this. . .