When Totoro met Baymax, and other cool anime crossover T-shirts you can buy

Geeking up the work Wear 😀 Pair over a blazer with some dressy jeans and maybe some heeled boots or heels 😀

When Totoro met Baymax, and other cool anime crossover T-shirts you can buy.

Sporty Geek Chic with a Baseball Cap

It’s so humid right now, and I have very fine curly hair that frizzes out all over! So in the summer, I tend to rock baseball hats all the time.

A lot of women don’t often wear baseball hats, because they don’t know how to dress them up. They tend to look very casual, like you are running to the store. So to combat that, I tend to dress my hats up with lace, blazers, and a chic boot, flat, or heel and some awesome accessories.

When I wear a tank or a t-shirt, I dress it up with a blazer like the Topshop blazer shown in my set 😀 I also love to color coordinate some pieces. So I matched this vintage Phillies hat from fanatics.com with this adorable Dolce and Gabbana Mini Leather Bag. The bag and blazer adds luxe to the look and makes for a very awesome outfit for casual friday!
Check out my complete look and set below 😀

I love my geek tanks and shirts! So in order to look professional I pair them with a blazer, cardigan. or a cute button up and I love casual ripped denim, they look great with boots and heels! I am also a philly girl, so a vintage team hat is my favorite way to go 😀

Phillies Sporty Geek Chic

T shirt

Topshop blazer
$89 – nordstrom.com

Vegan boots

Dolce Gabbana leather handbag
$1,530 – mytheresa.com

Baseball Hats
How to do you do Sporty Geek Chic?
How do you dress up a baseball cap?

A Fashion Stylist’s Go To Site for Kit Needs. . .

Because anything could happen during a convention. Having an emergency kit is key! Trust me, I was so thankful for my styling kit last year when my zipper broke on my sakura gown 😀

So today, I wanted to share an awesome site and if you are on the East Coast this place is a wonderland for day to day needs, styling needs, and cosplay needs!

So the one place myself and my fellow fashion stylists use a lot is Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. This site has almost everything anyone could ask for, granted you can get a lot of these things at craft stores, but when shopping in bulk, and not wanting to run around to a ton of stores, it is definitely worth it.

Here are some of the essentials I keep on hand for freelance and for my convention days:

Check out this awesome one stop shop —> Manhattan Wardrobe Supplies
They now carry Worbla, Wonderflex, and Fosshape —> Cosplay Supplies
They also have a great selection of beauty supplies  —> Pro Beauty Supplies

What kind of products do you keep in your convention kit?

Happy Cosplaying!


Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.

Books: #Fashion & #Cosplay

So lately, I have been on a book binge, Amazon and B&N are very dangerous to me right now. I think I have 10 Amazon wish lists categorized from cosplay to fashion editorial to sewing to interior design. I love fashion and cosplay books, because they carry a lot of creative inspiration! I will share photos of my small collection soon 😀

Anyway, I recently pre-orderd Cosplay in America Volume 2!! I am so excited for this book 😀 I also just purchased Cosplay – The Beginner’s Masterclass: A Guide To Cosplay Culture & Costume Making: Finding Materials, Planning, Ideas, How To Make Clothing, Props & Enjoy Conventions by: Miyuu Takahara & Kenji Weston
I haven’t had a chance to read it through but it really is an interesting book.  I will be giving a review soon! If you want to check it out before –> Cosplay – The Beginner’s Masterclass

Also, for Christmas, one of my presents was the book Cosplay World, which has a lot of inspiring and creative photographs from around the world. Cosplay World features amazing cosplay photographers and outstanding cosplayers and their creations 😀 I can post a review of Cosplay World as well.
But If you want to check it out —> Cosplay World

Actually, here is a shot of the fashion books and the one cosplay book I got for Christmas 😀


Yes, that is a food styling book (that is a whole different set of skills!)

Do you have any fashion or cosplay book recommendations?

Oh and if you would like to Pre-Order: Cosplay In America Volume 2


Fashion In Japan: An awesome reference for Japanese Fashion Lovers

I wanted to share another on of my all time favorite sites 😀
So if you love Japanese Fashion as much as I do, then you will love this site!
Fashion in Japan is an awesome resource for all your current Japanese trends, and it is updated in real time! You can check out what the hottest trends of the moment are all across Japan.

They have street snapshots, store snapshots, images from Japan’s top fashion spots, trends in colors and prints. It is an amazing resource for fashion minded lovers. The site is easy to navigate and very straightforward.

Here are some photos from Fashion In Japan, revealing some pretty awesome Spring/Summer 2015 trends 😀

I really do love this site! It has great ideas and concepts, also if you are are visiting Tokyo, check out Fashion in Japan’s Tokyo Fashion Tours, they offer Fashion Tours and shopping around Tokyo’s top spots.

You can Follow Fashion in Japan through these media outlets.

Fashion In Japan
Tokyo Fashion Tours