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DIY Idea – The Graphic Tank

Update —> DIY Geeky Graphic Tank 

My Goodness, the last two weeks have been crazy busy with so many projects and photo shoots! Any who, to keep my sanity, I decided to look through the internet for a small and fun DIY project for tops. I wear a lot of tanks to work, mainly because I am running around set like a crazy person and it can get really hot under the studio lights and in the building 😦

So as the title said, the DIY I found is how to make your own graphic tanks. To add some fun and creativity to the mix, I decided to create my own graphics, that have both geeky and fashion elements to them. I am just designing a whole bunch and then I will decide on which ones I am going to actually make.

I also own some cute tanks, that I am going to make patterns out of. So my custom shirts can be completely custom 😀

Here are some of the designs I have made so far 😀


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Let me know what you think! I will update when I actually start sewing and making these wonderful tops 😀


Cardcaptor Sakura Cosplay

So I wanted to share my Cardcaptor Sakura: The Sealed Card cosplay. It was my first major undertaking in creating a cosplay from scratch.  This gown was a huge learning curve in pattern alterations and sewing.

In my eyes, it’s not perfect and I am working on fixing the gown and redoing the star wand.  I apologize, I don’t have many photos of this costume. But I will probably be doing a photo shoot in the near future with it, once I fix it up.

Here are some shots 😀

The Accessories I made included: Kero, The Nothing & Hope Card, The Star Wand (The Wings Broke) and Sakura’s Egg Backpack

I am so thankful I had my styling kit with me! I used double-sided fashion tape for the ribbons to keep them in the place, and I wore stockings which helped create a good base for the tape. I think the most challenging part of the entire costume was getting the shape of the skirt and the neckline was a definite trial and error.

One Problem:  My darling Fiance stepped on the back of my gown and the zipper split up the back. Once again thank goodness for my kit and quilters safety pins and for the fact it happened towards the end of the day! In the images above there is a shot from the back, you can see the pins holding it together. I was also grateful that the backpack hid the rip!

All in all it was really fun and a lot of people enjoyed my costume which I was super excited for!

I will share updates later once I get this fixed up 😀


Her Universe: A Geek Couture Fashion Show

While I love everyday fashion, geek fashion is really a way to escape the reality of the runway trends and fads. I also love the idea of this fashion show! It really is an out of the box concept in design and fashion. I know this post is about 5 months late on this, but I felt like I needed to bring it up because it just so amazing.

This is a project I would love to work on! As a geek and a fashion stylist it is my kinda thing! While, I wouldn’t design or make a dress (really the pressure would kill me). But I would love to work behind the scenes at a fashion show like this or for a company like Her Universe 😀

Her Universe
Her Universe

Check out the video and Highlights here —> Geek Couture from Her Universe


Nerdist: One of the FB Feeds I don’t want to Hide

When it comes to Facebook, I browse maybe the first 15 news feed updates and in those 15, I think I usually hide about 10 of them….Yes, I am one of those people. But there is one news feed I am always looking forward to seeing and those are the updates from Nerdist.
Nerdist is an amazing site. It was created by Chris Hardwick who is the creative head of Nerdist Industries. The site includes awesome podcasts, news updates on your favorite television shows, movies, games, music, science, and tech.
If you have some spare times, check them out, and I do mean some spare time.  You just get sucked into this black hole of new news and podcasts and videos. . . it really is overwhelmingly fun!
Here is an awesome video Nerdist has on their site, If you love Back to the Future, you will love this video!
Oh and this pretty interesting news:
What do you think of that news? Excited? Apprehensive? Just Meh?