A Little Geekery For the Home

The time of WI-Fi is upon us! I always feel awkward asking friends and family for their WI – FI Logins. But data is a precious thing, I wish not to waste. So since I am in the process of buying a house ( I’m a big kid now) I wanted to make it easy to link to our network,

So once again pinteresting I go. I saw some really cute ideas, such as using QR Codes and a HS classmate of mine made a Game of Thrones inspired image (Wifi is Coming). But I wanted something a little bit different and something my Fiance and I could enjoy as well in the house.

So I created this little gem 😀


How do you make linking to Wifi easier in your home?

I do not own the Legend of Zelda Logo or Works or the font used.  I simply integrated these to create this home WI-Fi Image. This image is not to be copied or sold.

Zelda Image —> Logopedia
riforce Font —> Triforce


TGIF and a DBZ Dictionary Page

I am really loving the idea of images being imposed onto vintage dictionary pages. So, I decided to look through some ideas and got a bit of inspiration. I wanted to make an image with LOVE. Also, a lot of my fiance’s friends and mine always call us Goku and Chi Chi. I found this really awesomeimage of them from their wedding and I found a vintage dictionary page for Love 😀

With a little bit of photoshop, I created this awesome image 😀


Photo : Goku and Chi Chi Wedding
ictionary Page: The Vintage Moth

Do you love this idea?


When Totoro met Baymax, and other cool anime crossover T-shirts you can buy

Geeking up the work Wear 😀 Pair over a blazer with some dressy jeans and maybe some heeled boots or heels 😀

When Totoro met Baymax, and other cool anime crossover T-shirts you can buy.