Creative Reminder: A little 90’s Grunge Testing

For a Photo Stylist, testing is an amazing thing. It allows you to branch out of your little box and be creative and to just have pure fun while you work. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job! But having to constantly obey the rules of your client 5 days a week, 365 days of the year can be a little stifling to your creative self.

My last post was about how I lost that passion, and here is a post to help remind me of it. Last year, myself, my awesome photog, my hilarious digi-tech, my spunky HMU, and a beautiful model all came together for a fun shoot in Philly’s FDR Park 😄
Here is the result of that test, to remind me the fun and passion and creativity that lies within my job ♥️

I hope you enjoyed this glance into my mind. Stay tuned for more creative things to come. 

Oh and if anyone wants to collaborate on a test shoot, fashion or cosplay or anything just send me a message! I would love to work with you! 😁


Cosplay Nyx: Another Update

So over the weekend, I wasn’t feeling very good, and when that happens working on a project usually helps take my mind off of feeling like crap. I love craft therapy!

So I decided to bite the bullet and finally figure out Nyx’s Accessories. I had this jewelry set for years and I thought it would be awesome. But I wasn’t impressed with the look of the stones, so I swapped them out and now I am so happy! Can you tell the difference?

Let me know what you think?


Otakon 2016 Bound :D


Image Credit: Otakon FB Page

Registered for Otakon 2016 last week!!!!
So Excited to Celebrate Otakon’s Last Year In Baltimore!

I am so happy that Otakon is now mailing badges! Those badge lines really were a pain!
If you haven’t registered yet, there is one week left to receive a mailed badge, it ends May 27th!

So I have been slowly and surely working on my Otakon Cosplays
They may be as follows:
– Woking on my Greek Goddess Nyx Cosplay
– Fixed My Cardcaptor Sakura Gown, (ahem, “it” shrunk in the last two years, cough)
-Still gotta fix her accessories
– Starting my Hamtaro Bijou Lolita Dress.

-Still Gotta buy the Wigs and Circle Lenses. Bah!
Arda Wigs and Pinkyparadise here I come!
(No Affiliate there, just love them!)

-Are you going to Otakon 2016 this year?
Who are you cosplaying?


The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. . .

. . . Well for a nerd like me it really is! I received my first Loot Crate yesterday and it is epic!

Monthly Subscription based boxes are not anything new, but they have been gaining a much higher following now and days. Most of the ones I hear about at work are beauty based and while that is awesome, I wasn’t really interested. So low and behold one of my fellow photographers introduced me to Loot Crate. A nerd based monthly subscription that contain amazing gifts at an affordable price.

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.36.36 PM.png

The really awesome thing is they vow never to have the same item twice and the months are always a different theme. For example, this month’s theme was versus :

Here is a screenshot from their website:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.11.56 PM.png

They also offer different options so you can choose the crate that peeks your interest 😀

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.12.38 PM.png

Here is my March Crate 😀

I was so excited! I love that T-shirt! and my fiance has already claimed the Batman vs Superman wallet and the Dardevil vs Punisher Hat. But I suppose that is okay 😀

The Hat is amazing, depending upon your mood you can be team DareDevil or Team Punisher 😀 I was feeling both of them last night 😀


I am so excited for April’s Crate! The theme is Quest! Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 2.20.03 PM.pngAnd Holy Shit Harry Potter and my favorite movie of all time Labyrinth is being featured. Dance Magic Dance!

Don’t Have Loot Crate?
Here you go and save $5 😀
Loot Crate 


TGIF with Kickstarter: Cos Culture Magazine

Happy Friday everyone!

I absolutely love magazines, being a fashion stylist and all, I am always looking at those glossy pages for the newest trends and insider tips:D I love making mood boards and inspiration boards for the new seasons or even a sewing project.
So when I stumbled upon this awesome Kickstarter I knew I had to donate and spread the word 😀

Let me introduce you to Cos Culture Magazine 😀

Here is a bit I took from their campaign page:

Cos Culture Magazine is an independent digital and print publication dedicated to promoting the art and culture of Cosplay. The magazine is created and published by Nikko Marie through her independent creative media publishing company NH Creative Inc, and Nikko is the driving force behind the magazine’s vision and production. She is the sweat, blood and tears (tears of joy, of course!) behind the publication, working as editor, marketer, publisher, researcher, graphic designer and all around worker bee. As the months go on we are slowly building an amazing team of supporters who help make the magazine the best that it can be!

This magazine is amazing. With gorgeous photographs, interviews and those sought after tutorials who wouldn’t want to back this little guy who has the amazing potential of being a worldwide staple in every cosplayer’s stash 😀

So please checkout their entire Kickstarter Campaign and Donate today 😀
No matter how much, it all counts!

Are there any other Kickstarter campaigns out there for cosplay?


A Little Geekery For the Home

The time of WI-Fi is upon us! I always feel awkward asking friends and family for their WI – FI Logins. But data is a precious thing, I wish not to waste. So since I am in the process of buying a house ( I’m a big kid now) I wanted to make it easy to link to our network,

So once again pinteresting I go. I saw some really cute ideas, such as using QR Codes and a HS classmate of mine made a Game of Thrones inspired image (Wifi is Coming). But I wanted something a little bit different and something my Fiance and I could enjoy as well in the house.

So I created this little gem 😀


How do you make linking to Wifi easier in your home?

I do not own the Legend of Zelda Logo or Works or the font used.  I simply integrated these to create this home WI-Fi Image. This image is not to be copied or sold.

Zelda Image —> Logopedia
riforce Font —> Triforce


The Things I Wear to Work :D

He he the things I wear to work 😀


I love this shirt! I purchased it about 4 years ago, however I put on a bit of weight and it became a little tight in the chest area, I was super bummed. But then, I saw a buzz feed article on how to update old clothing. You can check out the DIY’s here —> 31 T-Shirt DIY’s 

So after going through the list, I loved the idea of adding lace to the sides.
Here is a side shot showing off the added lace 😀


How do you update some of your favorite old tops?


Geeking out on set today :D

I love that I can wear casual and comfy clothing to work, when you run around all day, jeans and a t-shirt are staples in my work closet! But today, I decided to geek it up and wear my new Cosplay With Me, Just Do IT! t-shirt 😀 I fell in love with this saying because it really is soo true when it comes to my cosplay dreams 😀 I was so excited when Cosplay With Me decided to make this saying into a t-shirt!
Here is a shot of me trying to look uh, cool on set. haha


Check out Cosplay With Me’s Facebook Page 😀 —> Cosplay With Me