A Little Geekery For the Home

The time of WI-Fi is upon us! I always feel awkward asking friends and family for their WI – FI Logins. But data is a precious thing, I wish not to waste. So since I am in the process of buying a house ( I’m a big kid now) I wanted to make it easy to link to our network,

So once again pinteresting I go. I saw some really cute ideas, such as using QR Codes and a HS classmate of mine made a Game of Thrones inspired image (Wifi is Coming). But I wanted something a little bit different and something my Fiance and I could enjoy as well in the house.

So I created this little gem 😀


How do you make linking to Wifi easier in your home?

I do not own the Legend of Zelda Logo or Works or the font used.  I simply integrated these to create this home WI-Fi Image. This image is not to be copied or sold.

Zelda Image —> Logopedia
riforce Font —> Triforce


No Matter What You Do: The Client Brief vs The Client Budget . . .

So what can you say about a client creative brief? They can be amazing ideas and concepts with far away lands, some beautiful exotic animals or an idea from a movie or photograph or colors and a theme. But when it comes to the actual execution of one, well that depends all on the budget.

If the expectations of the brief exceed the budget, well you have a lot of creative freedom/headaches to look forward too. Trying to execute a brief with a small budget, will definitely exercise those problem solving skills you thought you would never use. This can be said for both the creative and cosplay world. Some cosplayers can have some amazing crazy ideas, that are just fun to figure out and do but can be a bit of a puzzle.

So anyway, the reason for this post, I came across some funny brief vs. budget images, that some creative people put together.

Photo: Olybop
Photo: Olybop

Have you encountered any interesting client brief vs client budgets?

You can see more of these funny images at —> Olybop