It’s Been Far too Long. . .

So, I believe my last post was last October. . . Wow, how time flies.
This year has been a bit crazy. My health hasn’t been the best. After feeling out of it for a about 5 years now, my doctors have discovered the root cause . . . drum roll. . . I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease. Or simply put I have hypothyroidism and apparently, the mono I caught my freshmen year of college is likely the culprit that triggered the problem. (ew college dorm germs). Any who, it has been a little bit over a year now, and with some adjustments to my medicine and some small diet changes (rip my sugar highs) I am feeling better than ever! So yay to that! I am feeling more like my crazy hyper self than ever. It’s amazing, when people tell you they wish they had your energy, especially after feeling so lethargic for a long time.

I am also sad to admit that I had no cosplay plans this year or any conventions to go to. My fiance and I bought a house a little over a year and a half ago. Which is amazing!
But my horrendous student loan debt came out of deferment and between them and my bills, there is no money for vacas or cons 😦 I swear, I lose sleep over my student debt. I have an MBA and nothing really to show for it, except being poor.

Ah, one awesome thing I am in love with this year, Yuri On Ice! #Vikturri4ever. I absolutely love that show and the fandom and I think I have over 300 bookmarked YOI fanfictions on my AOO account. #noshame

Well, I have no excuses for not keeping up with my blog. But now that I have the energy and the enthusiasm, I am excited to be back on.

So I hope you look forward to my random ramblings 😀