showmemakeup: One Amazing Makeup Artist

One Hell of an MUA! and My Favorite Disney Lady, in one happily never after video:D
Check out Shonagh Scott and her amazing tumblr/ youtube videos. Her tutorials are amazing and I have learned some awesome techniques!

So Check her out Below and further your cosplay makeup ::D

What are some of your favorite makeup techniques for cosplay?


Finding My Holy Grail Cosplay Foundation

The base for a flawless anime look lays within your foundation and your best techniques.

Through all of high school and college my HG foundation was Maybelline Dream Liquid Moose foundation. It gave me a flawless complexion. Unfortunately, it is true that as you age your skin changes, and just two years after college my skin seemed to change over night. Even after having no problems before, the first time I used my HG foundation, my skin reacted horribly 😦
So the hunt was on, and in some instances still is. I have combination skin, oily t-zone and dry patches. I get redness around my nose, cheeks and chin. Once a month I lovingly enjoy a nice cluster of painful zits along my cheekbones. I have also discovered that I need an oil free foundation.

I tested quite a few foundations for my cosplay kit, and many made my skin look worse or just didn’t give me what I wanted. For example Mac, MUFE, and Tarte didn’t work well for me 😦

However, after spending some time in Sephora, I found the Sephora Collection Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. The Sephora Airbrush Foundation has been considered an amazing dupe for the Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation. I love this foundation for cosplay! It is a bit messy, but once you get the hang of it, it made my skin matte and flawless! It is also build-able without looking cakey, and lasted through an entire con day, which was a huge plus for me 😀 Oh, and it is oil free, has no Parabens, Sulfates or Phthalates.

 For application, make sure you shake the can well. I usually spray the foundation directly onto my stippling brush and apply it quickly and in sections starting at the center of my face and working my way outwards. It drys quickly, which can be a double edged sword, after I apply, I use a damp beauty blender and blend.

While, this foundation is really amazing, I am still on the hunt for other amazing cosplay foundations and I am still on the hunt for an amazing concealer :3

What foundation, foundation techniques, and concealer do you recommend for a flawless canvas?


Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me and the opinions expressed here are mine and mine only.

Ben Nye Luxury Powder: Yay or Nay?

Okay, don’t let the category fool you, this is not a makeup tutorial but more of a post about makeup. So working with some of the most amazing makeup artists here in Philly is awesome! It’s actually really interesting to see just which products each MUA uses day to day. I have noticed that the products range from Chanel to Nyx to MUFE to Maybelline to my favorite Koh Gen Do. Today, it got me thinking of my cosplay stash of makeup at home, and the HG items I still need.

I am always looking for a concealer to give me that flawless anime look. I also have redness on my cheeks, nose and chin, that I am always trying to cover. So since the Kim K craze of Ben Nye’s Banana Powder, I have been giving some thought into trying the Ben Nye Luxury powders.

The Ben Nye Luxury Powder comes in 4 colors:
Buff, Banana, Cameo, and Beige Suede

Since I have yellow undertones, slight bags and redness to hide. I will probably go with the banana powder to help cancel them out. I also want to try the buff, to see if that will work as more of a setting powder.
I will update once I order and test them out 😀

You can order them here —> Camera Ready Cosmetics

Has anyone used the Ben Nye Powders? Do you have any tips or tricks to get them to work really well?