Research Never Ends for a Cosplay

When I decide to work on a cosplay, the first thing I do is some pretty in-depth research on the character and the outfit I want to create. I pull tons of images/videos, weed through them, create a story board in InDesign, mark it up with ideas, concepts and materials and then I have that printout pinned to my wall for probably the next 6 or more months

I always seem to believe that I have all the information I could possibly need and then some. But then it comes a time and it always seems to be the little details especially with accessories that I am frantically looking for!

This was a huge case when I made CCS Sakura’s Star Wand and Accessories. I find it fun and challenging because sometimes the smallest details can make a pretty big impact 😀

Here are some of the images I found to use for my current cosplay of Morgana :3
I used, pinterest, google images, the Merlin Wiki, Tumblr and a ton of other search engines to help build good reference material!

 The necklace was the latest thing I was researching for. I couldn’t see enough detail in the pendant on her and I luckily found an illustration online that I could use for creating the pendant 😀 I was super excited!

How do you research and organize for your cosplays? Are you still constantly finding yourself sometimes with a lot of images and still not finding what you need?


Morgana Cosplay Update :D

Thank Goodness it is Wednesday!
I am so beat, I had a fashion video shoot yesterday and video shoots really do take a lot out of you 😦

So any who, I finally finished the under layer for my Morgana Cosplay 😀 Now, I am slowly but surely working on the lace over layer. I also decided to sew a bra into the under layer. It really helps and makes it more comfortable.

Here is a shot of the dress so far:

Let m know what you think 😀


It’s a Snow Day! Time to Sew!

Happy Thursday and if you are currently involved in this snow storm, happy snow day!

So since I had a “free” day on this hectic week, I decided that to relax, I needed a sewing day and that means re-starting my Morgana cosplay! I bought fabric last night for the green under layer. Here are some pictures of my progress so far. Also including the little trouble maker puppies, Ozzie & Harry 😀

I will add an update when I start pinning and sewing 😀

What are your favorite things to do on a Snow Day?


Current Cosplay Undertaking: Morgana Pendragon

An Update 😀 —> Morgana Cosplay

Since my last cosplay undertaking was one hell of a project, (Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie 2, The Gown she wore during the play), I decided to try something a little different. My current cosplay undertaking is Morgana Pendragon from BBC’s Merlin.

I am doing her 3rd season look.


I am a bit OCD and detail oriented, blame it on my profession. I like to reproduce the look to a T. Don’t get me wrong, I love to add my own personality into some cosplays. But I find it fun and a bit of a challenge to duplicate a look.

For Morgana’s dress I really wanted to get the look right and on a day I was looking for fabric for work (yeah, you really do find things when you are so not trying!) I stumbled upon this wonderful find for the outer layer.


It is as close as I am going to get! I still need to buy the green fabric for the under dress, but that is a lot easier find than spider web lace.

Now that I have the fabric, I needed a pattern  With my Sakura Cosplay I had to alter the pattern a lot, so I wasn’t very worried. I just wanted a close enough pattern with the parts I needed. I found this pattern at my local Joann’s Fabric Store


I customized the pattern by adding length and a train, I split the bodice from the skirt. I cut the skirt in 6 pieces instead of two for the added seams, that I need for the look and I attached the sleeve pieces to make one continuous sleeve.

My Progress

I cut the pattern and it is currently half pinned to my mannequin. I ran into trouble sewing the lace… I need a sheer nude organza base. I was trying to stitch it and it just kept getting stuck in the machine… so yeah organza base. Thank you again to the awesome cosplayers who helped me!

So here is where I leave off, I will update as soon as I start back up. Work has been busy, woo hoo shooting Spring Assortments when it is 10 degrees out! Talk about disappointing when I walk outside after shooting shorts and tanks!