An Animal Eared Bowler Hat D.I.Y.

So last year, one of my friends and I talked about a character lolita idea featuring our favorite 100 acre wood friends. I would take on the project of mr. winnie the pooh himself, and she would undertake Piglet, in a classic lolita way.

One of my biggest ideas was creating a hat with pooh bear’s ears. I figured, it wouldn’t be hard, but still to the internet I went. I discovered this great D.I.Y from blogger Ally at Now That’s Pretty.


You can check out the D.I.Y. at —> Now That’s Pretty: Cute Cat Bowler Hat

If you don’t have the time to create this adorable hat. You can head on over to OASAP and order one of their Cute Cat Ear Straw Bowler in an array of different colors!


Have a great monday and If you are like me and survive on the East Coast, Stay safe in tomorrow’s “maybe” snow storm.