Geeking out on set today :D

I love that I can wear casual and comfy clothing to work, when you run around all day, jeans and a t-shirt are staples in my work closet! But today, I decided to geek it up and wear my new Cosplay With Me, Just Do IT! t-shirt 😀 I fell in love with this saying because it really is soo true when it comes to my cosplay dreams 😀 I was so excited when Cosplay With Me decided to make this saying into a t-shirt!
Here is a shot of me trying to look uh, cool on set. haha


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Future Thinking: I think I want to be a Photo Art Director


Don’t get me wrong I love being a photo stylist, but sometimes I think I could do more.
It’s a little weird that as I have been wondering what else I could do in my field, one of my models and one of my Make-up Artists said that I would make a good Art Director. So it got me thinking, could I take on that role? I think I can, but then I am not sure how to even get started working towards such a goal!

I have a BS in Fashion Merchandising and a MBA, I am also the lead stylist at a studio. But I mostly work on e-commerce and I occasionally work on some concept and marketing pieces. I feel that I lack the graphic design creative background a lot of art directors have. I am somewhat knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, Which, I mostly learned from watching and talking to my retouchers and photographers, watching youtube videos and just by exploring these programs.

I also work with a lot of Art Directors and I think I could do very well as a Fashion Photo Art Director. It’s just getting my foot in that door and training myself for such a role, that I am unsure of.

If there are any photo art directors out there, advice would be greatly appreciated on attempting and making this goal a responsibility. I might not be made for it, but I would rather fail than not try at all.  😀

If you actually read this, thank you 😀