Tip of the Day #23: Cosplay Etiquette

Since we are already into convention season, here is a reblog about the importance of Cosplay Etiquette from Crazy 4 Comic Con.
Just some things to remember even when you are so excited to see “that” cosplay 😀

I remember when I cosplayed as Lara Croft… my best friend caught someone taking a picture of just my um, my bum. Yeah, totally awkward when I turned around and caught them… they looked like a dear in headlights and then ran far away. I laughed it off, but yeah I was a bit uncomfortable the rest of the day. Being respectful is huge to a cosplayer. Don’t be rude about a costume and please don’t take pictures of people’s ahem “assets”. As stated below, cosplay is not consent.

I also remember standing in line for food, most of my costume pieces hanging out at my table and being asked for photos… I was like um sure but I am not in full costume, I wish I was in full costume. haha. So just remember, cosplayers need to eat too :3

Crazy 4 Comic Con

An important aspects of the San Diego Comic-Con has been the time honored tradition of cosplay. Considered one of the most prestigious places to display a costume, San Diego has seen some of the most creative and inventive cosplay the world has ever seen. However, with the rise in popularity, cosplay has been satirized, misunderstood, and mocked as well as celebrated and embraced. Cosplay is more than just dressing in tights and a cape, but it’s an art form championed by artists. So for today’s SDCC Survival Guide, I wanted to offer some Cosplay Etiquette- with the help of LeeAnna Vamp!

  • Respect: A cosplayer’s desire is to enhance the Comic-Con experience through their art. Regardless of shape, size and craftmanship, cosplayers should be treated with respect.
  • Permission: Always ask to take a picture. A cosplayer wants to give you the best photo as possible. Give them a chance to get ready for your photo
  • Timing:

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