Creativity: Something I Lost This Past Year. . .

cre·a·tiv·i·ty noun
noun: creativity
  1. the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.
    Synonyms:inventivenessimaginationinnovation, innovativeness, originalityindividualityartistryinspirationvisionenterpriseinitiativeresourcefulness
    – Google Dictionary

    You are probably thinking to yourself: why the hell did she give the definition of creativity? Well it’s to remind myself exactly what it is.

I love being creative, which is why sewing and cosplay are some of my favorite past times and outlets. It allows me to forget the stress of being an adult and to focus on creating something beautiful, complex, and amazing. Something I can look at and go, yeah, I made that. So with that being said, this past year I have lost my creativity. It’s like I lost my soul. I have no inspiration or motivation. I just can’t think up ideas, or come up with cosplays. I mean what the heck!!!!! I am like a black hole of nothingness and it is really frustrating. I feel to stagnant in life.

So last weekend, I went and had a Tarot reading done with an amazing lady. The deck I choose to work with was Doreen Virtue’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards. Now, not saying you have to believe in this. But I very much do. I actually own the deck myself. I have been feeling lethargic and stuck the last month. I am so relieved to have gone and had this done because, this reading gave me insight on what I need to look at to move forward too. Things I need to do for myself to be more successful in my life. The biggest thing I left with after my reading is: I need to be creative again. I need to unleash my imagination by writing, dancing, or sewing. I just need to create and meet people who have the same interests as myself! So we can motivate each other in being creative.

So, this post is to warn you. I am going to be posting really random ideas now. Maybe Short Prompts for myself, a horribly written fanfiction here or there, or even some v-log posts. All I ask to anyone who actually follows me or reads these. Be gentle. I am not trying to make money or anything. I just want to get my creativity moving once again 😀

So thank you all and I apologize for the coming posts. They will be hellish 😀

Something for me to remember:





Problem Solving: When a Pattern doesn’t work

Sewing Problems: Patterns 😦
So, the dress pattern I originally bought for the under layer of my Morgana gown is designed for a stiffer fabric and not a knit. I knew that in the beginning but the skirt is so perfect for what I need. Since the top of the of under layer is pretty basic, I decided to look through some Pinterest boards for some printable pdf sewing patterns. Well I came across a ton of free patterns and through a search, I finally found the perfect one.

Zoe At So, Zo What Do You Know created an easy to follow and basic Camisole Pattern, that you can download and use as many times as you would like. I altered the pattern a bit for a lower v neckline. Since I am sewing a knit, I decided to use a loose straight stitch first to make sure the fit was just right, then I sewed over the straight stitch with a narrow zig zag. I will post some pictures later. I am also in a debate, to sew a bra into the top or not. I think I might 😀

So Zo Sewing Cami Pattern
You can find the tank pattern and the instructions here:  —-> Free Downloadable PDF Vest & Cami Pattern

I am most definitely going to be using this pattern for some summer tanks :3

Do you have any free patterns to share, that would make some cosplayer lives a little more easier?


The Wounds of War: Sewing Problems

So I was very excited yesterday!
After having a bit of bad luck, I accidentally cut my lace wrong for Morgana’s Dress and was freaking out because my Joann store at home did not have it anymore! I also discovered that I needed a walking foot for my knit under layer, which my store was also out of stock.

So the reason I am so excited is that thankfully the Joann store by my work had one walking foot left and amazingly had the lace I needed! I new it was too good to be true.

Alas, I get home and start playing around with the my new sewing foot. After I had the stitches to where I wanted them, things went a bit wonky from there. Of course I sewed the top wrong…. I decided to cut a new piece of the knit. . . I also bought new blades for my rotary cutter ( you know where this is going). So for some reason my brain short circuited when I was re-inserting the screw and I did it wrong and got the blade stuck. So I decided to fight with it, all in all I got the blade out but I also received 5 stitches in the top of my hand.

If you hate wounds don’t look! Thankfully, It’s not in a place that will hinder me from working. I got 3 shoots this week 😀


Anyway, I shared this war wound! Does anyone have any good stories from their projects over the years?

Happy Cosplaying and watch those sewing tools!


It’s a Snow Day! Time to Sew!

Happy Thursday and if you are currently involved in this snow storm, happy snow day!

So since I had a “free” day on this hectic week, I decided that to relax, I needed a sewing day and that means re-starting my Morgana cosplay! I bought fabric last night for the green under layer. Here are some pictures of my progress so far. Also including the little trouble maker puppies, Ozzie & Harry 😀

I will add an update when I start pinning and sewing 😀

What are your favorite things to do on a Snow Day?


Current Cosplay Undertaking: Morgana Pendragon

An Update 😀 —> Morgana Cosplay

Since my last cosplay undertaking was one hell of a project, (Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie 2, The Gown she wore during the play), I decided to try something a little different. My current cosplay undertaking is Morgana Pendragon from BBC’s Merlin.

I am doing her 3rd season look.


I am a bit OCD and detail oriented, blame it on my profession. I like to reproduce the look to a T. Don’t get me wrong, I love to add my own personality into some cosplays. But I find it fun and a bit of a challenge to duplicate a look.

For Morgana’s dress I really wanted to get the look right and on a day I was looking for fabric for work (yeah, you really do find things when you are so not trying!) I stumbled upon this wonderful find for the outer layer.


It is as close as I am going to get! I still need to buy the green fabric for the under dress, but that is a lot easier find than spider web lace.

Now that I have the fabric, I needed a pattern  With my Sakura Cosplay I had to alter the pattern a lot, so I wasn’t very worried. I just wanted a close enough pattern with the parts I needed. I found this pattern at my local Joann’s Fabric Store


I customized the pattern by adding length and a train, I split the bodice from the skirt. I cut the skirt in 6 pieces instead of two for the added seams, that I need for the look and I attached the sleeve pieces to make one continuous sleeve.

My Progress

I cut the pattern and it is currently half pinned to my mannequin. I ran into trouble sewing the lace… I need a sheer nude organza base. I was trying to stitch it and it just kept getting stuck in the machine… so yeah organza base. Thank you again to the awesome cosplayers who helped me!

So here is where I leave off, I will update as soon as I start back up. Work has been busy, woo hoo shooting Spring Assortments when it is 10 degrees out! Talk about disappointing when I walk outside after shooting shorts and tanks!


DIY: Paper- Tape Dress Form

As many cosplayers know having a proper dress form for costume making is key to get that just right fit. I have a vintage dressmakers form but it is very old and very far off from my shape. I use it as a decoration more than anything now.

So when I decided to actually start seriously sewing again. I knew that I needed a real form. So last year, I went to the fabric store and bought a dress form. Of course it doesn’t work for me, even when I adjusted and padded.
So I went looking through the web for a easy solution to this problem. I work with dress maker forms at work but right now I don’t have the money or the energy to buy and to shape it out. I heard of using duct tape but my biggest problem was my needles becoming stuck and sticky. So I have been putting it off until I discovered this awesome tutorial on (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert)

I am going to attempt this next weekend and I am very excited for it!

Check it out here —> Paper Tape Dress Form

Stay Tuned for an update!