Hellish Heels: A Secret To Making Them A Bit More Comfortable

So two years ago, I found a little trick for making heels a bit more comfortable. Especially when my 6 inch Catwoman heeled boots mocked me from the corner in which they sat.

See, they are still mocking me!

Anyway, this trick helped alleviate the pain in the ball of my foot. Which was a huge lifesaver!

The trick:
Tape your third and fourth toes (counting from your big toe) together using a nude medical tape.

Why does this Work?
There is a nerve that splits between those two toes. This nerve causes pain when pressure is added. By taping these two toes together, it removes the strain on the nerve. Thus, allowing you to enjoy strutting your amazing cosplay through the con and any photo shoots you may endure:D

Nexcare makes a nude tape that also has cushioning, this is a great tape to just have handy for all your cosplay and reality situations :3)
—> You can Get it here

Do you have any tips or tricks that will make your cosplay shoes easier to walk and fight in?