DIY: Paper- Tape Dress Form

As many cosplayers know having a proper dress form for costume making is key to get that just right fit. I have a vintage dressmakers form but it is very old and very far off from my shape. I use it as a decoration more than anything now.

So when I decided to actually start seriously sewing again. I knew that I needed a real form. So last year, I went to the fabric store and bought a dress form. Of course it doesn’t work for me, even when I adjusted and padded.
So I went looking through the web for a easy solution to this problem. I work with dress maker forms at work but right now I don’t have the money or the energy to buy and to shape it out. I heard of using duct tape but my biggest problem was my needles becoming stuck and sticky. So I have been putting it off until I discovered this awesome tutorial on (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert)

I am going to attempt this next weekend and I am very excited for it!

Check it out here —> Paper Tape Dress Form

Stay Tuned for an update!