Bodyboss Workout… Is it worth it?

So, I know I said in my previous post that I have Hypothyroidism. Now that my energy and hormones seem to be working as one again, my biggest problem is getting a work out. Like many hypothyroid sufferers, I am having problems losing the weight I gained.  I am sadly out of shape for being only 28 years old. I have to catch my breath when I walk up stairs (sad? I know right?).

I did hold a gym membership and I think I went twice. By the time I get home from work,  make dinner and eat, I have no energy to go to the gym and workout. So I cancelled that and now we have a home gym in our new basement and I have only used it twice. I just have no motivation and I really need a swift kick in the ass to get my physical body back.

I know I am rambling, so back to the point of this post. I keep seeing advertisements for Bodyboss. It is a 12 week program to get you into shape. The trainings are 24 minutes long and you do them 3 times a week and their are 4 unique exercise combinations: Bodyweight Resistance Exercises, Plyometric Exercises (Jumps), Cardio, and Unilateral Exercises.  Here is a link to their Website: Bodyboss

So I am wondering if anyone out there is in the midst of the workout or anyone has completed it, is this worth buying and trying? In the past, I have tried workouts and regimes but nothing really stuck and I am wondering if this is a good thing to use for not only quicker results but something I can use long-term.

Please, Please, Please, anyone who can help is welcome to leave me a comment or a message. Now, that I am feeling better, I need to get my body there as well 😀

Thank you so much in advance!