When things go to Sh*t. . . I live for music

When the world seems like it’s pushing, I tend to escape into my imagination. This year, spotify has been my best friend. Allowing me to listen to whatever I feel like, and in which ever mood I may find myself in. Music really is a healing thing. I have always been drawn to music to help escape reality.

In regards to my fanfiction addiction, when I listen to music, I tend to connect a song with an anime or a situation and create a story that goes along with it.
Like for example, I love Yuri On Ice! and the first time I heard James Arthur’s Say You Won’t Let go, I just imagine an Omegaverse AU, where Viktor sings this to Yuuri or this is his exhibition tribute to Yuuri and his love. I heard the lyrics, and just thought of Episode 10’s banquet scene. I just think this song would be something Viktor would just do. But in some over the top, extra way.

I can just imagine how this would play out out. I have the setting and the dialogue.  Unfortunately, I just can’t seem to put it in writing. I have always been able to vividly imagine things, like a movie playing out in my mind’s eye. But I have the worst time writing them so eloquently and creating the imagery for other’s to not only understand, but to also get lost in. Well that and my grammar is positively horrid πŸ˜€

I would love to write my fanfiction fantasies. So if anyone has any advice on how to go about writing my visual stories, I would greatly appreciate it! I just can’t seem to express it on paper. Which is so frustrating!

Now do me a favor. Look at these photos and listen to the song at the bottom and leave me a comment on how you think Viktor would present this song to his katsudon πŸ˜€



It’s Been Far too Long. . .

So, I believe my last post was last October. . . Wow, how time flies.
This year has been a bit crazy. My health hasn’t been the best.Β After feeling out of it for a about 5 years now, my doctors have discovered the root cause . . . drum roll. . . I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto-immune disease. Or simply put I have hypothyroidism and apparently, the mono I caught my freshmen year of college is likely the culprit that triggered the problem. (ew college dorm germs). Any who, it has been a little bit over a year now, and with some adjustments to my medicine and some small diet changes (rip my sugar highs) I am feeling better than ever! So yay to that! I am feeling more like my crazy hyper self than ever. It’s amazing, when people tell you they wish they had your energy, especially after feeling so lethargic for a long time.

I am also sad to admit that I had no cosplay plans this year or any conventions to go to. My fiance and I bought a house a little over a year and a half ago. Which is amazing!
But my horrendous student loan debt came out of deferment and between them and my bills, there is no money for vacas or cons 😦 I swear, I lose sleep over my student debt. I have an MBA and nothing really to show for it, except being poor.

Ah, one awesome thing I am in love with this year, Yuri On Ice! #Vikturri4ever. I absolutely love that show and the fandom and I think I have over 300 bookmarked YOI fanfictions on my AOO account. #noshame

Well, I have no excuses for not keeping up with my blog. But now that I have the energy and the enthusiasm, I am excited to be back on.

So I hope you look forward to my random ramblings πŸ˜€