DIY: Paper- Tape Dress Form

As many cosplayers know having a proper dress form for costume making is key to get that just right fit. I have a vintage dressmakers form but it is very old and very far off from my shape. I use it as a decoration more than anything now.

So when I decided to actually start seriously sewing again. I knew that I needed a real form. So last year, I went to the fabric store and bought a dress form. Of course it doesn’t work for me, even when I adjusted and padded.
So I went looking through the web for a easy solution to this problem. I work with dress maker forms at work but right now I don’t have the money or the energy to buy and to shape it out. I heard of using duct tape but my biggest problem was my needles becoming stuck and sticky. So I have been putting it off until I discovered this awesome tutorial on (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert) (Barbara Deckert)

I am going to attempt this next weekend and I am very excited for it!

Check it out here —> Paper Tape Dress Form

Stay Tuned for an update!


Nerdist: One of the FB Feeds I don’t want to Hide

When it comes to Facebook, I browse maybe the first 15 news feed updates and in those 15, I think I usually hide about 10 of them….Yes, I am one of those people. But there is one news feed I am always looking forward to seeing and those are the updates from Nerdist.
Nerdist is an amazing site. It was created by Chris Hardwick who is the creative head of Nerdist Industries. The site includes awesome podcasts, news updates on your favorite television shows, movies, games, music, science, and tech.
If you have some spare times, check them out, and I do mean some spare time.  You just get sucked into this black hole of new news and podcasts and videos. . . it really is overwhelmingly fun!
Here is an awesome video Nerdist has on their site, If you love Back to the Future, you will love this video!
Oh and this pretty interesting news:
What do you think of that news? Excited? Apprehensive? Just Meh?